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Barking Caucasians: “Original (FT. Silent Soldiers) – The DJ Myke Remix” Produces Inventive and Exciting Rap

The Barking Caucasians recorded a track with the Silent Soldiers called “Original”, which is on the “General Freshness” album. The group engaged the talents of Italian-based producer DJ Myke to remix the track for them. The “Remixed Freshness” album is free to download pretty much everywhere currently. What I love about this remix is that it’s a completely non-traditional rap track.

The garage rap/rock duo from the DMV area, have delivered something as visceral and groovy as only the Beastie Boys or even Cypress Hill could do back in the day. The only difference here is that the mix is tighter, cleaner and more refined, for spoilt modern ears. The Barking Caucasians take their style of the genre to its absolute height. I would have loved to have this on vinyl!

The album cover
The album cover

The Barking Caucasians’ artistic freedom has given birth to some memorable musical and lyrical excursions on their “Remixed Freshness” collection. Yet as eclectic and daring as they are, the Barking Caucasians deserve to be commended for not releasing something over the top and unlistenable.

They simply deliver something fresh!  Fusing their hardcore roots and rhymes with funky beats, and alternative productions BC definitely showcases some serious musical crafting. This all means that the music is the message on “Original (FT. Silent Soldiers) – The DJ Myke Remix”, but the rhymes, which is always pushed toward the forefront on rap records have not been in any way de-emphasized.

On the contrary they sit on-par, shining alongside the remix.

This is a whole new way to conceive rap, regardless of the sub-genre it falls under. I mean why should the genre continually have the ‘style over substance’ or vice-versa, ‘substance over style’ battle, always in motion. You can have substance and style, and “Original (FT. Silent Soldiers) – The DJ Myke Remix”, clearly proves that.

The Barking Caucasians and crew kills this thing lyrically, with devastating flows and rhyme schemes, while DJ Myke gives the music a proverbial kick in the ass, with hard banging drums, a thumping bassline and sprawling synths. This is the sound of The Barking Caucasians expanding their horizons even further.

If you like quality, non-cookie cutter, inventive and exciting rap, you will flip over this track!



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