Up and Coming Australian Film Composer and Sound Designer Jacquie Joy Nominated for Three Major Industry Awards

Distinguished composer Jacquie Joy celebrated for great contributions to ‘music in media’ with a nomination to HMMA  “World Music” category, among other nominations and wins.

Jacquie Joy, – Australian film composer and sound designer, was recently highlighted in the music industry with a nomination for a Hollywood Music in Media “World Music” award for the second year in a row. Over the last month, she has won two other prestigious honors including the Silver Davey award for a world music track and the Boobs and Blood International Film Festival Best Sound Design award for work she did on a post-apocalyptic short Gardenia, filmed in Los Angeles during the pandemic. She has been garnering much-deserved recognition over the last year for her outstanding work and important contributions to the industry.

“II have been working hard on lifting my music and sound production/mixing skills over the past few years and it’s starting to really help make my music stand out.,” says Joy. “It is an honor to have received nominations from some of the most established institutions this year, and I am beyond excited.”

Jacquie Joy

The Hollywood Music in Media Award is particularly prestigious, and the visual media categories includes nominations of music titans such as Hans Zimmer and Beyonce. Jacquie Joy was nominated this year in the Indie ‘World Music’ category for her work on a piece called “The Lady of Israel.” “I am so thrilled that this nomination was for a piece of music that I love dearly. ‘The Lady of Israel’ contains a mix of high tech elements and beautiful vocal elements that make it so special.”

Based in Brisbane, Queensland, Jacquie Joy has been busy working on a multitude of projects across the board. Over the last three years, she has focused on producing soundtracks for over fifty indie films and productions, some of which are listed on her IMDb profile here. Separately, she has consistently written corporate music for Expedia travel guides for many years.

Jacquie Joy has received a number of glowing reviews for her recent works, building excitement as she continues to build her music composition empire. For her soundtrack creation performance with the classic horror film Attack of the Cat People, one reviewer wrote glowingly: “The score delivers on all fronts. The quality and sound of this soundtrack boggles the mind considering that this is a low budget movie.”

Followers of Jacquie Joy are excited to see what she does next, as the sky seems to be the limit. For more information and Joy and her projects, visit her website at https://www.jacquiejoy.com or her Facebook page. Also her most recent feature soundtrack music for ‘Night Hunter’ can be found on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/album/6QeRjZEykFl7rkhp8ZBGXs?si=MxKEQrfDS0K30XV8tvyk6w

About Jacquie Joy: Jacquie has been making beautiful music ever since she began banging upturned saucepans on the floor of her mamma’s kitchen. Next came the sparkly toy guitar, and later the teen punk phase. Okay, so maybe the music wasn’t always beautiful, but it was always joyous. Over the years, Jacquie steadily honed her musical chops, in bands, in duos, and as a solo performer. She learnt how to read audiences and reach out to them, sometimes across the rowdiest rooms imaginable. But most of all, she learned the value of versatility. Somewhere along that 10,000-hour journey towards musical mastery, an ear for composition developed. Originals muscled their way into setlists, and dreams of widescreen musical canvases took shape. Today, Jacquie writes for a truly global audience, composing in every genre imaginable – from classical to bluegrass, techno to thrash. And with an innate ability to incorporate world music and rhythms into her craft, there’s no place on the musical map Jacquie won’t venture with you on your next film, video or interactive journey.PR


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