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Shauna Cardwell: “Summer Rain” – a charmingly effervescent listen!

Shauna Cardwell is a nineteen year-old singer songwriter from Ireland, who is a self-taught guitarist and pianist. She has been writing songs since she was 14 and three years ago started doing covers on YouTube. Shauna has also released her original song, called “Summer Rain”, which is available on iTunes.

the single artwork

The acoustic guitar driven song picks up on mainstream trends, but turns them into a light, sweet and airy confection, making for a very good modern pop song. Shauna Cardwell is a regular teenager with teenage concerns, and it comes across in her song and performance, which is actually a very good thing; no over savvy, over sexy deliveries that are often out of context for younger artists, who often come across as silly.

Shauna has a sweet, appealing voice followed by her pristine charisma, resulting in a charmingly effervescent listen. There is no dullness here, and the whole thing clocks in at a breezy 1:40, which helps keep things light and engaging.

“Summer Rain” isn’t a record that will change the world, but like the best teen pop, it sounds right in its moment, which means it’s about as good as this kind of music gets. In its simplicity, the song is beautifully put together, the lyric is well thought out, and her voice is truly something.

Shauna Cardwell
Shauna Cardwell

Shauna Cardwell is in the process of changing and maturing, both musically and on a personal level, which makes me wonder just where she will go with all this talent. It is evident that Shauna works very hard at what she does – all the YouTube videos clearly confirm this.  She has a lot of potential which so easy to see, just listening to her performances.

Add that to the fact that Shauna is also a gorgeous young lady, and you have a package that is sonically and esthetically explosive. Currently working on her debut EP, I’m pretty sure that Shauna Cardwell is an artist who will continue to reinvent and improve herself for many years to come, and considering her age, that makes for a very long time indeed!


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