Pop-Dance singer Jennifer Knight is the glamorous product of two worlds

Pop/Dance/Electronica Singer Jennifer Knight is the glamorous product of two worlds. She reigns in a harmonious universe as a pop/dance/electronica vocalist. On a dual paradigm, Jennifer rocks couture from run ways to glamorous spreads in high-fashion magazines. With a powerful, four-octave range, Jennifer shines in the limelight as a singer-songwriter evoking stirring ballads and riveting up-tempo grooves!

Jennifer Knight
Jennifer Knight

Mixing the two worlds, Jennifer sashays and stylishly spins on her as-yet-titled debut CD. From pop/dance/electronica cuts, to funky R&B-tinged grooves, to heart-breaking ballads, there’s an impressive cache from this soulful vocalist. “I’m capable of crossing over genres from R&B to pop/dance/electronica. But, you have to have the training and technique,” says Jennifer, who was educated at the prestigious University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Music.

On this venture, Jennifer electrifies a kaleidoscope of various pop, R&B and dance/electronica cuts. The hooky, pop/dance first single, “Twinkle and Shine” was co-written with veteran singer-songwriter Kent Walker. Jennifer’s love-driven lyrics electrify the melodies on this track. Look for this hot single on iTunes.

“Infinity,” an upbeat dance/pop single features fiery synth lines and a superb collaboration with hit songwriter/producer Jud Friedman (Whitney Houston, Leann Rimes, Toni Braxton). Receiving regular rotation as an underground club fave in Europe, “Infinity” describes the unending, perfect love relationship. This new take on the classic love song offers an infectious chorus, “Baby, your eyes are bluer than infinity.”

Jennifer’s sensitive side is highlighted on the gut-wrenching ballad, “Every Little Piece of My Heart.” She sojourns over a broken heart in this song co-written with seasoned folk artist-songwriter Kent Walker, and chart-topping producer, Mark Grilliot. Backed by cello strings and acoustic recordings, Jennifer delivers a haunting, albeit jarring vocalization. She performed this track at South by Southwest 2014 Music Festival to a welcoming crowd.

Hit making UK producers Kully B and Gussy G (Justin Timberlake, Assassin’s Creed III, Natacha Atlas) produce the explosive electronica single, “Free,” co-written by Jennifer. Mind-blowing synth lines generate this inspirational cut, exploring God’s universal love for mankind.

With the support of corporate sponsor Fromm, best known for designing and manufacturing Fox and Mink garments worn by Hollywood elites and Royal families, Jennifer is spinning her two paradigms into one universe: the worlds of fashion and music. Jennifer looks forward to a starry future and continued success.


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