Madi Simmons leads in resilience with his latest encore release of “I Am Still Here”

“I Am Still Here” is Madi Simmons’ testimonial of surviving turbulent times in life, giving thanks, and not looking back. The latest reggae song integrates an excellent brush of ska, the emotional feel of soul music, and the sacred medial of Jamaican mento with Madi Simmons finest lyrical upbringing to date. To any listener’s soul, “I Am Still Here” is about continuity and endurance and the perseverance to continue doing so because everything is achievable; Madi Simmons’ existence is the living example. The artist song is currently getting airplay in his residential state in California, and Simmons plans to extend a tour to Europe to bring his reggae vibes LIVE to his global audience. The “I Am Still Here” singer is well experienced on the touring side of music as he has traveled and performed globally from Africa to the Hawaiian Islands, from Europe to Canada, he spreads enlightenment and reggae soul to all music lovers. Madi Simmons is an award winning artist who has had a connection with music and performance starting at just 16 years old when he started playing the drums and writing lyrics. The artist plans to continue creating what he loves best, making music and sharing stories.

Written by Trushiro

Notable mentions: Souland Reggae Singers were influential in creating Madi Simmon’s latest single “I Am Still Here”

You can stream and purchase “I Am Still Here” on the link below. vzu46-D0_jZBZpvAMoaUrto

Get to know Madi and stay in tuned with his journey on his social media links below.

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