Atomic Skunk drop new album of Light Language Encoded Music – “Codes”

San Francisco Bay Area based electronic musician Rich Brodsky, aka Atomic Skunk, has released a new album entitled “Codes” on June 24, 2022. Codes features nine new tracks of Light Language Encoded Music designed to Nurture your Soul and Spiral your Consciousness into a Higher Dimension. Codes is Brodsky’s ninth album, and features a series of collaborations with channelers of Light Language.

What is Light Language?

Light Language is a Celestial Language that is channeled either consciously or unconsciously. It can be written, drawn, spoken, chanted and/or sung. When it is channeled unconsciously and spoken, it is often referred to as “Speaking in Tongues” or Glossolalia. However, when it is channeled consciously in spoken or sung form, it takes on a different energy altogether. It can range from very musical and playful to very tribal and powerful. Although it cannot be understood by the logical mind, Light Language is said to act as a kind of code that speaks directly to the Heart. Just viewing or hearing these Codes can be very healing and can bring about a state of calm, inner peace and joy. Visionary Light Language Artist, Hakan Hisim explains: “The reason they (Light Language Codes) resonate with so many people is that they hint to a prototype or archetypal xenolinguistic alphabet encoded within the fabric of our reality that is glimpsed in parts during dreams, trance states and deep meditation.”

“I fell in love with Light Language the first moment I heard it.” says Rich Brodsky. “In fact I tracked that person down who was channeling it on YouTube (Ratna Dewi Jewel)and used that very audio in my first Light Language track, “Language of Light” (released in June 2020 as part of the album, Cetacea). “People really seemed to resonate with it, so I decided to make an entire album of such music and that’s what Codes is all about.”

Atomic Skunk made a splash on the ambient electronic scene in 2009 with the release of Binary Scenes, garnering high praise from electronic music fans, bloggers and ambient music stalwarts, such as Hearts of Space producer, Stephen Hill and Echoes Radio producer, John Dilberto, who described the music as “note perfect ambient, full of mood, unusual dreamstate shifts and psychedelic edges.” Echoes Radio listeners voted Binary Scenes one of the “Top 200 CDs of the last 20 Years.” Portal was a featured album on numerous, legendary ambient music radio programs such as Hearts of Space, Echoes Radio, SOMA FM, Musical Starstreams and Radioio Ambient. Echoes Radio listeners voted it into the Top 25 for the “2010 Best of Echoes Radio” listeners poll, while the staff of Echoes Radio featured Portal as one of their “25 Essential Echoes CDs for 2010.”

Since then, Brodsky has gone on to produce another six albums of what he now calls “Trans-Dimensional Music for the Heart, Mind and Soul”. Still in regular rotation on terrestrial and extra-terrestrial radio, Brodsky has added a weekly Livestream Audiovisual performance to the Atomic Skunk arsenal available on Facebook Live, YouTube and Twitch. For more info, please visit

Codes (10:34)
Earthmagick (14:32)
Sekhmet (8:24)
Arcturian Crystal Lake (7:29)
Idugan (9:40)
Lair of the Lunar Witch (9:05)
Draco (6:10)
A Million Suns (11:11)

BONUS TRACK Lair of the Lunar Witch (Director’s Cut) (13:31)

For more information, please contact Rich Brodsky at Organic Robot Records: 415-717-0992

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