KNG Jay – “Street Lights” spills out authentic details and personal anecdotes

We’re seeing some kind of sea change in rap and hip hop music, where the genre’s defining figures no longer come off as larger-than-life ice-cold villains. These days, you can be a successful rapper/singer while sounding broken, vulnerable or like a warm-hearted hero. Influenced by artists from the likes of Kanye West to Nirvana, KNG JAY is a 23yr old Aboriginal male artist from Australia, who sees himself as both a hero and a villain: “I chose to name myself ‘king’ jay, because to some he is a hero, to others he is a villain, but to himself he is only the same as the next man. I decided to take the ‘I’ out just to add a little sauce to it,” says KNG Jay.

KNG Jay is already just as much an R&B/Pop singer as he is a rapper, and his sweetly melodic voice is better equipped than most to express emotions, thoughts and feelings. That’s why people will love him. His latest single, “Street Lights” does its job in communicating the skillful elements in the artist’s toolkit.

KNG Jay, always gave the impression that he uses music to process his own demons, struggles and issues. That’s what makes his music relatable – from “Broke” to “Look in my Eyes”, and “Out My Way” to “Attention”. The right voice can make even the most simple of messages sound not just convincing but compelling. That’s the lasting impression left by “Street Lights”, which comes out of street life experiences had by the singer.

His is a warm, inviting tenor, shot through with just enough darkened soul to suggest emotional turmoil, along with a sprinkling of grit, and plenty of captivating melody. It allows KNG Jay to convincingly sell his narratives and their resulting traumas, as he spills out authentic details and personal anecdotes.

KNG Jay has the fortuitous timing to exist at a time when he can just be the artist he is, without bothering with disturbing record labels and fastidious A&R men. He can unpack his music and stories in any way he prefers, and luckily for listeners, he chooses both affecting and catchy songs like “Street Lights”, to do just that. There is also a tremendous amount of true introspection in the song, matched by a supreme level of self-assurance and technical craftsmanship.

What KNG Jay delivers in lyrical wit he matches with emotion, imbuing “Street Lights” with a powerful sincerity that makes it read truthfully, and resonate as deeply as an impressionist portrait. He speaks and sings to a generation dealing with similar issues as his.

He rhymes about moments of life that affected him. Anyone who’s really been through some difficult or confusing times will be drawn to KNG Jay’s music. And that’s almost all of us. The rapper from Australia really puts his feelings into his music. But more than anything else, he puts the truth in his music, and it pays off dividends.

If you are a big fan of KNG Jay, I think you’ll be thoroughly pleased with “Street Lights” as it is right on par with his previous projects. If you’re new to the party, then this is a great place to start uncovering the talents of KNG Jay.


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