‘Fire’ Released by The DH Project – 16 Track Instrumental Rock Masterpiece

The latest offerings from Instrumental rock artist David Handy, come in the form of a 16 track instrumental rock album. An obvious pro guitarist, David delivers ground-breaking guitar riffs and solos, to the accompaniment of keyboard and drums.

‘Fire’ would no doubt appeal to any rock music fan, but more specifically anyone who likes instrumental rock as their preferred music genre.

With 16 tracks on offer the album gives a wide range of styles, some fast and heavy, whilst others give a mellow and chilled out approach. David himself composes and puts together all aspects of his music (including this new album) Which is quite an achievement in itself.

Currently available on Cdbaby and iTunes, ‘Fire’ offers 16 tracks. David Handy is a musician from Virginia, USA. His sound would include include, instrumental metal, rock and instrumental rock.

Main Instrument: Guitar

Instrumental Rock Music

“Fire” by The DH Project

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