Claude Reed (aka) That Dude “C” a rising artist raised on the South Side!

Claude Reed (aka) That Dude “C” is a Rising Hip hop/R&B artist and a Chicago native born and raised on the “South Side”. Admittedly even though he enjoyed music at an early age, it was not his first love. God was (and still is); secondly, family, and thirdly, sports – and he did not gravitate toward music (as a career possibility) until late in his teens and even then he was self-taught. Never having been taught as much as a single note, (not pointed out bitterly, but as a matter of fact). He was told that he could literally hear details in songs that others could not hear.

Claude Reed (aka) That Dude "C"
Claude Reed (aka) That Dude “C”

Claude has had to deal with and overcome challenges throughout his whole life. He became respected among peers, fellow musicians, family members, and friends…and at one point in 1994 had a “Songwriters Agreement”. Since that time ​​That Dude “C” has embarked on other musical pursuits – songwriting, producing, etc., and has been able to achieve a modicum of success.

That Dude “C” strives to deliver great music, escapism and diversion that we all need! “This is a must have for serious hip hop/R&B fans.” Connect with That DUDE “C” and escape the daily grind. “Feel something real!” says Claude.

You can find That DUDE “C” now, on ITUNES or on Jango Radio, TWITTER and MYSPACE

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