Bailey Elora’s single, DRUNK RN is out now!

Bailey Elora is a singer-songwriter and front woman of her own band. Her music career started for her at an early age, from writing poetry to constructing verses and choruses, to being cast in a children’s choir by age 8. Since then, she has developed a true love for singing and music. Her unique ability to sing in various genres coupled with her exciting upbeat performances have propelled her forward and allowed her to perform and share the spotlight with many reputable bands and artists.

“DRUNK RN” is a lyrical representation of what it feels like to just want to let go, but knowing you can’t. Created in the aftermath of the 2020 quarantine, the song is an upbeat party song that tells a more melancholy story of wishing you could ignore life and leave yourself in the hands of a popular vice. Written by Bailey Elora, Freddy Zamora, Isaac Zamora, and featuring hip-hop artist, BROTH3R, it is sure to invoke heavy feelings and the unstoppable urge to jump and shout.

Bailey Elora’s single, DRUNK RN is out now! Listen to it, Love it, and Download it! Available everywhere music is heard!


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