Aaron Davison: “Headed Home” makes music seem effortless!

Aaron Davison studied music at Berklee and has been playing the guitar since he was 12. Aaron’s music has been heard on various TV shows and networks, including The Young And The Restless, All My Children, Fox Sports, CBS and ABC. He has also traveled to and performed in Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and The Dominican Republic and speaks Spanish as well as English.

Aaron has also helped dozens of artists secure licensing deals in film and television on networks like MTV, VH1, ABC, NBC, Bravo, Discovery Channel, Fuse TV, Nickelodeon, Oxygen Network and in films including “Living Will” and “Movie 83” as well as advertisements for Heineken and Playstation.

Aaron Davison
Aaron Davison

I’m still a bit surprised just how much Aaron Davison’s song; “Headed Home” grabbed me. What initially struck me most about the song is how gentle and soothing the music sounds, yet how the lyrics are just a little bittersweet and melancholy. Somehow this odd coupling works very well. The lyrics serve almost as a commentary on unintentional but self-destructive paths we take before finding our way. The prose is really elegant. At times, in fact, it comes close to sounding pretentious; but somehow Aaron knows just when to reel the lines in.

Of course what really elevates “Headed Home” to a level of greatness is Aaron Davison’s fantastic song writing abilities. So many bands since the Beatles and Beach Boys have populated that land of left field pop, rock and indie that you would think nothing could sound unique while not giving up those catchy pop tendencies. And that’s the wonder of Aaron Davison; he matches bouncy hooks and charming melodies with just enough peculiarity to make this track a refreshing experience.

Aaron’s vocals have a distinct sound, soft yet always demanding your attention, it’s a perfect match for the music. And the music here is perfectly in balance. While the traditional acoustic guitar is of course the foundation of the sound, percussion and full-blooded harmonies twinkle all around, complimenting the proceedings.

“Headed Home” is not overwhelmed by a compressed, atmospheric production, allowing the song to have plenty of room to ‘breathe’ and fully form itself.  Aaron Davison makes music seem effortless, and he proves you don’t have to ravage your voice and kill your instruments to make a lasting impression!


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