Zandrah Mereborg – ‘In Full Bloom’ is an ear-seducing recording!

Collaborating with Argentinian producer Diego Gabriel Oviedo Bustos, emerging Swedish artist Zandrah Mereborg has released her 3 track downtempo EDM EP, ‘In Full Bloom’. The collaboration between Diego and Zandrah happened by chance through the power of the internet, after Zandrah began recording Swedish covers with her brother’s music equipment. A connection was made, and Diego becoming the creator behind the chilled production and melodies, while Zandrah herself wrote the lyrics and delivered the messages through her celestial vocals.

The chilled and smooth vibe that is the undercurrent of the EP creates a sound-space that allows Zandrah’s deeply personal and reflective lyrics to stand out in a very impactful way. The recording makes use of tranquil instrumentation, and achieves the desired vibe without getting carried away in complex over-production.

For the majority of the EP Zandrah Mereborg preaches uplifting and positive words, tackling difficult topics close to her heart. Inspired by women going through abusive relationships and afflicting circumstances, ‘In Full Bloom’, is a perfect example of Zandrah’s personal perspective.

“I have experienced women close to me going through these experiences and how hard and challenging it is when you also are manipulated,” explained Zandrah. “I wanted this song to be like a friend who believes in them and trusts their story.” Diego Gabriel Oviedo Bustos’ interesting production work matches the unequivocal and inspiring sentiment of the lyrics.

Cool, calm, and collected, Zandrah Mereborg sings with elegant nuance, unfolding her lyrical profundity. The classy and shimmery synth pads beautifully underscore her impeccable vocal skills.

The sophisticated percussion drives the captivating mid-tempo rhythm, as Zandrah traverses this sonic terrain deftly, delivering an exquisitely natural performance. The waves of layered vocals fill the spaces wonderfully, and everything is comfortably where it needs to be. Releasing a powerfully reassuring aura for the listener.

Zandrah Mereborg’s charisma holds this project together. Her hushed, controlled voice is the main event, with the glistening mellow beats in complete support of creating the suave and affecting ambience. This atmospheric, meditative vibe works wonders throughout the recording, and is surprisingly effective on the faster, feel-good backdrop, of “Ready To Go”, which is awash with thoughts of well-being and bliss.

The EP’s closing track, “Ge mig tid att få va”, is the Swedish version of “Ready To Go”. All throughout this EP, Zandrah Mereborg’s effortless vocal riffs make this ear-seducing recording incredibly easy to listen to and touches on topics that many can relate to.

It’s also easy to get lost in Zandrah’s sensitive lyrics or be mesmerized by Diego Gabriel Oviedo Bustos entrancing soundscapes. Along the way Zandrah inspires everyone to wear their feelings like they own it and possess the power to do what makes them feel good.

More often than not, Zandrah Mereborg’s voice feels like warm rays of sunlight shining on you in an overcast day, soothing every bone in your body. Her melodic beauty heals us all, as the songs play from beginning to end.

Overall ‘In Full Bloom’ is the full embodiment of healing, empowerment, and positivity. On this record Zandrah is confident and strong. Her voice is beautiful, her understated energy is rare, and her artistry is truly authentic and transparent. ‘In Full Bloom’ is definitely playlist-worthy, A+ material!


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