New Releases

Zandrah Mereborg – “FLOW” finds the human connection and equilibrium she desires


The feeling you get when you listen to the combination of Argentinian songwriter and producer Diego Gabriel Oviedo Bustos and Swedish singer and lyricist Zandrah [more…]

New Releases

Zandrah Mereborg – ‘In Full Bloom’ is an ear-seducing recording!

Collaborating with Argentinian producer Diego Gabriel Oviedo Bustos, emerging Swedish artist Zandrah Mereborg has released her 3 track downtempo EDM EP, ‘In Full Bloom’. The [more…]


CIRCO & CONOCIENDO RUSIA – “Se abre el cielo” unites the sounds of Puerto Rico and Argentina

The acclaimed Puerto Rican band CIRCO joined the Argentine rock band CONOCIENDO RUSIA, to create their new single “Se abre el cielo”. This special collaboration [more…]