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Zalex: “Planes” – a keen intelligence and sensitivity

The wonderful guitarist and electronic music producer, Zalex, is back with an amazing single, entitled, “Planes”, that captures the spirit which he possesses to tell a story with his music. The essence of this track is the theme of longing and loss. Zalex’s voice gets better and better with time and possesses a wonderful airy high register.

Each verse and chorus here, is like opening a plethora of brightly colored gems which explodes into a kaleidoscope of melancholy feelings. I cannot explain how this track has made me feel the movement of its emotion.

If you are musically inclined to records you can pontificate or enjoy small talk over while they are playing in the background, this is perhaps not the one for you. “Planes” absolutely cries out for your undivided attention.

zalex-locket-680Zalex trips lightly from a beautiful and more certain lower register into that dark and velvety, firm middle voice upwards to the full-throated glory notes, and at times into a gorgeous almost whispery falsetto, all seamlessly. The voice is dripping with a vocoder effect, not to correct the pitch, but rather to give the vocal inflections a sad and dreamy aura.

“Planes” takes you on a dreamlike journey through the gestation of a relationship that was, and maybe still longs to be, in a certain way.

I was really impressed with this recording. Such craftsmanship, just close your eyes and let the story unfold, savor the song and Zalex gorgeous vocals, it will come alive in your mind, heart, soul and ears. At the end of this voyage you’ll end up in an amazing vicious circle that you will want to explore endlessly.

And so as I did, you will want to listen again and again as if you are peeling back layers and layers finding more musical pleasures beneath. I had fallen in love with Zalex’s previous release, “Lockets”, which was another classic ballad, and was expecting a great follow-up release from the artist.

“Planes” however, exceeds any and all expectations I might have had. The music, the vocals, Zalex’s sensitivity behind the song, all comes across with exquisitely profound passion and enormous talent. Creative artists like Zalex are rare.

He has talent combined with a keen intelligence and sensitivity that today’s music scene is sadly lacking, and he deploys it wisely. Almost every one of his songs will touch your heart.  Zalex is so underrated and under-appreciated and that maybe is what keeps him turning out such great music!


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