Truth Ali: “The American Dream” spews out insight and sapience!

Truth Ali first burst on to the scene with two virtuoso verses on “MC Cold Killa” alongside Kxng Crooked, and legendary west coast hook master Kokane. On his new single “The American Dream”, Truth drops references to everything from Philando Castile, the sphinx, the Orlando Pulse shooting, and the flint water crisis.

“I believe the problem we have now is perspective” said the California artist. “In America we have a ‘it don’t affect me so fuck it’ attitude it seems. But any injustice cripples all because it means we have some moral, integrity deficiencies in our society.”

Truth Ali
Truth Ali

“The American Dream” is the type of track that seems almost remiss in these years. Truth Ali brings a very strong mic presence to the table along with a stellar beat – which is probably what makes this song what it is, the classic throwback to mid-90’s hip-hop.

Truth isn’t your average mc, either, with clever battle rap-like verses he’s a mark above every pop-rapper out there. Even perennial underground favorites could be out-rhymed by Truth. Perhaps it’s because he is just as concerned with his emotional approach as he is being extremely hungry for the props lesser rappers are having via the media.

Truth Ali compliments the rhythm and energy of the music perfectly. He spews out a lot of insight and sapience on “The American Dream”. He paints a clear picture of his thoughts and vision stemming from being an intelligent observer an aided by the fact that he is a very articulate emcee with an appealing personality.

If you are a fan of hip-hop/rap, and find yourself constantly bogged down by the stuff heard on TV and the radio; pick-up Ali’s single, you’d hard pressed to find one singe verse on it you don’t like. In addition you’ll be hooked by the melodic choruses too. Truth Ali has a powerful sound and a strong beat to accompany his intelligent rhymes on this track.

Truth burst out of the gates here with unstoppable power and groove. If you consider yourself a socially and politically conscious person or even a passing fan of real underground hip hop, you must add this track to your library immediately. Simply put, it is essential listening. Look for Truth Ali’s new album “The Wonder Years” to drop November 8th.


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