Tracey Coryell – “My Meditation” ft. Fr. V – a melodic tour de force!

Orlando, Florida based singer-songwriter, Tracey Coryell is back with a brand new single, entitled “My Meditation”. The track is taken off her upcoming album “raVel”, in the works with Producer/Engineer Lucio Rubino at Fish Tank studio. The album will be dedicated to her late husband and legendary jazz guitarist, Larry Coryell. This time around Tracey collaborates with special guest writer, Fr. V – a catholic priest, artist and writer.

I think my favorite thing about Tracey Coryell and her music is the real authenticity of it all. She mixes the emotionally charged lyricism of Americana, with the true grit of Rock, and the sheer catchiness of Pop into her musical blend, which is all perfectly forged into an alluring formula on her latest single. Moreover, her honest songwriting strikes a chord and puts the listener right in middle of her songs.

Now, on “My Meditation”, Fr. V adds to the artistic equation, and the result is a song that will resonate deeply with audiences. Tracey Coryell’s voice is pure gold, and the song is so full of emotion and energy that it is impossible to not pay complete attention, regardless of what you were doing when you started listening.

Once locked into the tuneful melody, Fr. V’s thoughtful and poetically inspiring words will hit home straight away. Unless it’s made of stone, your heart will swell along with the music, as Tracey reaches aria-esque heights. Her voice can twist your heart even before you get the gist of what she’s singing about. Her power as an empath comes out fully in this song.

“My Meditation” is a melodic tour de force that moves back and forth between wordy singer-songwriter verses and a rocking, anthemic chorus. Masterminded in tandem with Fr. V, Tracey Coryell inhabits a role of poise and command, and what they offer together here, isn’t a reluctant or half-hearted gesture, but something powerful and proactive.

The lyrics are fully immersed in detailed scene-setting and characterization. The song’s chorus explodes with catharsis, big emotions that are earned by the storytelling and vocal performance, and then driven home by the detailed rootsy arrangement.

Tracey Coryell has the voice, the talent, and the songwriting skills to become an elite female singer-songwriter. Her voice is powerful, and sits comfortably somewhere between Sheryl Crow and Melissa Etheridge. There is not a single moment that she does not rise to the occasion.

Tracey approaches the music with a rawness that makes her performance, and the record overall, sound organic and authentic to the ninth degree. Production, songwriting, lyricism, and talent aside, “My Meditation” is what it is. Outstanding.

MORE ABOUT TRACEY CORYELL: The thirty year career of this singer, songwriter, recording artist has afforded her the opportunity to record with Grammy Award winning producers in Philadelphia & Miami, and perform with such greats as her late husband, renowned jazz guitarist Larry Coryell, guitarist Jorma Kaukonen (Jefferson Airplane), acclaimed jazz-rock drummer Alphonse Mouzon and the legendary Les Paul. Her children’s book was published by Eifrig Publishing in 2015 and she is a two-time recipient of the ‘Best Love Song’ award from the Songwriter’s Showcase of America (SSA).

MORE ABOUT FR. V: A Priest, an artist, a writer with a charismatic personality rooted in an irresistible and enchanting fascination for God, people and Rock & Roll and having won many international awards regarding his art. Fr V’s style of writing is deep and thought provoking, infused with the idea: “when I am before God I’m defending people but when I am before people I defend God”. His homilies, stories and poems are featured in many books, newspapers and magazines. Fr V is known internationally, appearing often on Polish TV, where they also made a documentary about him. Many articles have been written about Fr V and his originality in both American and Swedish newspapers and magazines.

Limited Edition CD Singles of “My Meditation” are available at St. Lawrence Catholic Church in Bushnell, Fl.



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