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The Love Theme: “Moonray” – another great presentation of professionalism and musical art-form!

“Moonray” is the third free release from “The Love Theme” as they prepare their sophomore Album set for release later in 2016. I believe strongly in music that makes an atmosphere, it is one of the first things that I look for when i first listen to a Chillout or Downtempo track, and I believe that “Moonray” does that. It is a track that launches right into its tempo, and holds that all the way through, very cruisy, mellow, something that you can keep in the background but still engross yourself within it.

the single cover artwork
the single cover artwork

The Love Theme has somehow managed to bring music from every genre of the world, put it all on the same track and breathe life into it, while they everything tight, crisp and clean and completely chilled. Beautiful and lightly melancholic, this is an emotional track which is mindlessly contemplative and introspective. The Love Theme compiles the music like a puzzle, and every piece fits. The volume you play it at depends on your mood. You could literally jam in your car until your rear-view rattles off or have a dinner party and it would be a hit.  The song can play like a watercolor masterpiece painted with sound, or it can become a thundering electro rave depending on how far you turn the volume knob.

As always The Love Theme’s music is inspired, the melodies transcending, and the emotion – deep and meaningful, much of which is brought to the table here. Producer Dominic Owen’s music is distinctly his own, no question – and any similarities with anyone else in the genre would be on tonal level, and not compositional. Owen is a gifted melody-creator and his music is free from mannerism and pretentiousness. His music includes an accuracy of a mathematician and the inspiration of poet. Those who have heard the first two singles from the album will appreciate this one the most. “Moonray” gets under your skin and then goes deeper, with its soulful ethereal vocals string arrangements and gentle guitar.  The Love Theme is nothing less than capable of creating a euphoric soundtrack to a unique phase of your life. Once again, with the release of “Moonray”, they come up with a great presentation of professionalism and musical art-form.

More About Dominic Owen: After being converted in the late 80’s and then spent time in New York during the 90’s. His musical home became High Class Productions in Brownsville, Brooklyn. It was around this time Dominic produced ‘Things Done Changed‘ on Notorious B.I.G’s ground breaking classic “Ready To Die” considered a modern day classic with over 6 million worldwide sales. During this time he also produced and wrote songs for Rakim, PMD, Lil Kim, Anthony Hamilton, Damage, Nonchalant as well as other local and international artists. In 1998 he produced the Bugs Bunny theme song from the Space Jam soundtrack at the legendary Hit Factory Studios with Billy West and Jay-Z.


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