Steady Tek-Nick: “Full Push” – there is not a beat , bar or line that sounds out of place!

If you’ve never heard of Steady Tek-Nick (alias Ti Granmoun Lan), then you’re missing out. The Haitian emcee’s new track, “Full Push” is a brilliant piece of heartfelt hip hop. To understand the music, it helps to have a cursory understanding of the man. Nick Antony Israel, also known as Steady Tek-Nick (alias Ti Granmoun Lan) is a young Haitian Hip-Hop prodigy who developed an interest for writing raps and audio engineering at an early age.

In a country where any musical career choice is considered taboo, he wasted no time in applying his newly found skills to create songs and express his rebellious thoughts. That doesn’t really matter in the long run, because he’s damn good at what he does.

Steady Tek-Nick
Steady Tek-Nick

Right from the beginning on “Full Push”, it is visible how much music means to Steady Tek-Nick and how much effort he puts into the track. Each bar shows raw emotion that is something that is surprisingly fresh to listen to, and is nothing like the stuff pumping through your radio.

The track is an absolute banger and will get you swaying your head immediately. Even though making bangers is not what Steady Tek-Nick is really all about. His stunning storytelling abilities are what make him worth listening to.

If you’ve ever heard any music from Rhymesayers Entertainment, the Minneapolis based record company, then you’ll probably have an idea of the type of music quality Steady Tek-Nick aspires to. The work on “Full Push” is pure brilliance. Just listen to the production by Taylor King when it meets up with the songwriting and performance of Steady Tek-Nick.

He really takes his music seriously, and there is not a beat , bar or line on the single that sounds out of place, fully complimenting everything that Steady Tek-Nick does with his lyrics and his voice, creating a truly complete song.

On his releases Steady Tek-Nick usually speaks nothing but the unabashed truth, while on this cut, what he does is show how superior he is to anyone else in the game right now. The best part of this whole project is that this man is completely staying true to his underground roots in whatever he does.


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