SSTC Release New Music Featuring 3x Grammy nominated Kief Brown

Fans of SSTC will be happy to learn new music has been released on May 19th , with the first single “Go For What You Know” featuring 3x Grammy nominated Kief Brown. Known as the “Original Trendsetters” for Southern Music, the band, led by Marlon Dwayne, announce a full length LP entitled “Feel Me” and world tour entitled “Thanks for the Memories”.

In 1989-90’, SSTC exploded on the New Orleans music scene, following the original Kings of the South Gregory D and Mannie Fresh. With their debut release “Universal Scream”, SSTC was voted Who’s Who of New Orleans, led several highly successful tours, performed at the annual BRE and Jive conventions, worked with the likes of Quincy Jones, Vanilla Ice and The Teen-Age Mutant Ninja Turtles, among many others.

In September 2015, after a 15 year hiatus, SSTC released a 25 year celebratory tribute to their first dance hit “I Can Make You Dance”. The band exploded back on the scene, topping the VTYO UK and European charts for an astonishing 17 consecutive weeks, while earning the title “Artist of the Week” in Wales and praise from Radio DJ’s in Australia, Canada and Russia. The band also made international headlines.

Feel Me is the soundtrack of the soon to be released autobiography “Through the eyes of a Fighter”. “The LP and book will chronicle what 30 years have looked and been like”, says lead vocalist Marlon Dwayne. The LP is a mix of club dance music and sultry ballads. One ballad in particular, entitled “Blue”, is especially special to SSTC, as it was the last song recorded with the iconic Harold Cowart before his passing in 2010. Blue will be the second single, following the release of “Go For What You Know”.

For additional information, performance or interview request, please contact Joe Saunders at 818.540.5394 or Pat McAlister at 678.558.7478. To learn more about SSTC visit or follow them at IG @SSTC_edm or Twitter @sstc_edm.

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