Skonnie: “Blue Eyes and a Smile”, featuring the guitar pyrotechnics of Sal Moretta

On the latest Skonnie instrumental release, “Blue Eyes and a Smile”, featuring the guitar pyrotechnics of Sal Moretta, there are moments of shear compositional and technical brilliance. I almost feel obligated to buy the track just because I really want to support this duo made up of musicians Sal Moretta and Connie “Coco” Yerbic.

the Skonnie logo
the Skonnie logo

Sal started his music career playing the keyboards, but soon discovered his true talent and musical energy playing guitar.  Also a notable composer Sal Moretta has almost 20 years of experience including three albums, behind him.

The other half of the Skonnie duo, Connie Yerbic, is a classically trained flutist, vocalist, and lyricist.  Together they use the power of music to entertain and positively impact fans.  Current projects include a soundtrack and album.

“Blue Eyes and a Smile” is in overdrive the whole way through, as Sal Moretta blends insane shredding, soloing, melodics and synths to create a fully layered high energy track that lovers of  Buckethead, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen and Joe Satriani will adore.

Connie "Coco" Yerbic and Sal Moretta
Connie “Coco” Yerbic and Sal Moretta

The song is very listenable, with nothing over the top like excessive screeching or pinch harmonics, etc. Moretta shows himself to be one of the more technically proficient guitarists out there. However, all the skills in the world don’t mean much to most people’s ears if there isn’t a decent hook in there to interest the listener. Luckily, catchy riffs abound. If you’re a fan of great electric guitar work then this track is one to put on your short list.

Tone, purposeful playing and excellent musicianship make “Blue Eyes and a Smile” a must have. From the outset Skonnie’s Sal Moretta shows us why he is considered by many as a great guitarist and composer.

The song is an adventure in exploring the extent of what he can do with his instrument and music. It is an amazing expression of an artist who continues to develop himself and his vision long into his career.

Of the song itself, Sal says: “Sometimes love is far easier to express through music than words. I combined the emotion of a ballad with the raw energy of the craziest guitar shredding and solo, to express my feelings for the person who inspired this.”


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