Skiggz: “SkiggzSound: Season 1” – a tremendous compendium!

Skiggz is a Rapper/Producer from the Chicagoland area. “I’m definitely not from the city though,” says Skiggs. “Where I’m from there isn’t much talent, there aren’t many rappers per-say. I can name a handful that I know of in my quaint town of Cedar Lake. I call our area with the border-lining towns, ‘Ghost City’.” That’s how Skiggs came up with the collective name. He collaborates with a few artists in his area, who all lend a hand and back each other up.

skiggz-logoListening to his story, it’s almost unheard of today for a bona fide talented rapper like Skiggz to do what he’s done in such little time and with such little resources available in his area. Although Skiggz probably won’t choose to shy away from the spotlight when the occasion presents itself, being where he is allows him to avoid the trappings of the clichéd I-wanna-be-a-celebrity hype, as well as all the fodder that so often comes with it.

Skiggz stays grounded and concentrates on his craft and the recording at hand, which is the “SkiggzSound: Season 1” EP. This recording is a tremendous compendium of everything you want from a modern rap album, EP, or Mixtape.

Skiggz is a rare artist who reaches both his musical and lyrical peaks simultaneously; especially on the tracks he produces himself, which are all but two of the songs, on the EP. A paucity of guests kept the rhythmic relation of the lyrics against those instrumentals consistently formulated. And again, there are only two guests – Digitz on “Loud”, and Jordy McFly on “Icon”.

From track one, “Back In Here [Prod. Skiggz]”, Skiggz lunges full thrust into his verses. He is intensely focused on demonstrating that he is extremely comfortable in his lane. And there are spots of honesty and humanity that shine through each of his tracks.

skiggz-logo2The combination of Skiggz’ humanity and the powerful, room-filling, importance of the production that makes “SkiggzSound: Season 1” so resonating, is there not to advance any sort of grand idea or paradigm-shifting change in hip-hop sound,  it’s there so that anyone can feel the capacity and effectiveness of his skillset.

You can listen to “SkiggzSound: Season 1” at maximum possible volume in your car or at a club and it’s lit, but at the right moment you can also hear Skiggz’ otherworldly delivery, part robot, part human, and feel deeply with him.

Check his manic delivery on “I Can Tell [Prod. Skiggz]” and then feel the soulful vibe on “Hold On [Prod. Skiggz]”. In the best moments on the recording, you’ll feel like partying and emoting at the same damn time. And those moments come on “Loud feat. Digitz [Prod. Skiggz]”, “Icon feat Jordy McFly [prod. Skiggz]” and “Roll My Sleeves Up [Prod. The 777th]”.

“SkiggzSound: Season 1” is a uniformly awesome recording, remarkable for the singularity of its vision, the skillsets of its interpreters, both in the rapping and the production elements, and it comes at absolutely the right time, when the year is coming to an end and all eyes are on the year’s best releases. Skiggz’ will earn all the attention and adulation for the quality his new EP has delivered. “SkiggzSound: Season 1” is his moment!


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