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Sandra Esparza releases her new EP – ‘Be a Sunflower’

Sandra Esparza releases her new EP – ‘Be a Sunflower’ – which includes the songs, Sunflowers Over Roses, Patients For The Sun, Miles Per Hour, Calling, and Space Between The Leaves. The songs are great, grounded in folk, blues and other American roots music, plus a touch of acoustic soul and indie-pop.

With barely more than her voice and a guitar, Sandra has built a rich and variable universe spanning an array of moods, and now on ‘Be a Sunflower’, musically these are her most fleshed out arrangements, but they still maintain a clean, minimal and organic approach.

‘Be a Sunflower’ never seems reverent or forced. It feels instead as if Sandra Esparza is drawing on music that comes naturally to her and shaping it to her own ends. Whether it seems like music that might have existed back in the golden singer-songwriter era, or that could only have been made in 2020, the sound of ‘Be a Sunflower’ is beautifully restrained and inviting, intimate rather than austere.

Sandra Esparza’s lovely malt and honey voice flows around the guitar and pianos, earthy, smoky and warming even when she’s singing some pretty afflicted lyrics. Whatever expectations others may have of her, there’s a quiet confidence and poise about ‘Be a Sunflower’ that suggests Sandra Esparza knows exactly who she is, and where she wants to be.


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