Berani – “Cut And Taste” shows vision and masterful production in the studio

Berani is an electronic beat maker with a diverse sound spectrum and a tendency to produce bouncing rhythms or spacious and relaxing aural experiences. In a short time span, this emerging artist out of Byron Bay in Australia, has discerning music fans and casual listeners paying attention. The sound design throughout his latest single “Cut And Taste” is what we’ve come to expect from this creative top tier producer: popping percussion, basslines that melt like butter and a healthy dose of twisted horns to make everything bump in a soul-like fashion.

Sprinkled around the track are sonic effects that keep the record flowing in characterful fashion, whether it be the futuristic vocals adlibs or skittering hi-hats vibes. Berani has struck such an incredible balance of the disparate elements in this eclectic futuristic-retro arrangement that his production talents shine through in an increasingly impressive fashion.

In truth, Berani expands on the sonic palate of his previous releases, and with “Cut And Taste” has crafted a genre-transcending track that will please both hardcore fans and newbies to his music. He simply continues to grow his ever-widening circle of sound, infusing both restrained energy and intimacy into his material.

The boom and the clap. Simple and effective. Here’s a beat that could easily accommodate either a rapper or a singer, but is able to thrive and flourish as an instrumental. It is no exaggeration to say that Berani is helping shape electronic music in the 2020. The Australian’s ability to craft genre-bending and eclectic electronic music is extremely relevant and infectious.

From time to time, delivering a little bit of Hip-hop, Soul, R&B, Chill, Downtempo, and even Pop, Berani has created a space where he refuses to be labeled, and at the same time avoids the one-size-fits-all tag. He unapologetically paves his own path forward with each new track, showing vision and masterful production in the studio.

Ultimately, on “Cut And Taste” he skillfully threads together disparate genres and instrumentation in under three minutes, to deliver a holistic rendering of electronic music in the 21st century. Everything blends in his world, and every Berani recording makes a case for itself immediately you listen to it, and this track is no different. He still favors the kind of seamless songwriting that sculptures a track far beyond the sum of its parts.

While producing a plethora of different vibes and styles throughout his catalog, which displays his masterful production, the DNA found at the common core of Berani’s projects is always present. “Cut And Taste” has found its rightful place as a standout track, within that catalog, and is an extremely enjoyable listen!

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