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Rashaun Will: “Gift From God” presents us the pinnacle of rap!

Since the age of 11, Rashaun Will was exposed to numerous cultural and sociological influences, allowing him to stimulate his own unique musical composition. These influences include his biological roots growing up in New York City, while being surrounded amongst other well renowned musicians.

The album cover
The album cover

Rashaun began mixing his own melodies with an antique Yamaha keyboard, saxophone, and a trumpet. Rashaun has since earned the opportunity to open up for major artists around the nation, has been featured on 100’s of mixtapes, magazines and nominated in the category of “Most Original Solo Artist” at the 4th Annual Underground Music Awards.

Rashaun, who launched his own record label in 2014 ( R. Will Music Group), has now dropped his latest 18 track album, entitled “Gift From God”. Before multi-million dollar contracts or general public acceptance of commercial rap, there were the pioneers, master wordsmiths whose undeniable influence upon hip hop shaped a generation of talented artists.

Some forefathers that have left an impression could be seen a Rakim, Common, 2pac, Nas, Biggie, among others of course. Through ingenious word play, clever metaphors and strong all-round content, Rashaun Will is building the bridge between those that came before and the here and now.

Rashaun Will
Rashaun Will

A “Gift From God” embodies some of Rashaun’s greatest works and is a welcome addition to any collection. The album showcases his maturity and vibrant wisdom. His evident fondness for personal reflections and spirituality is displayed here with great effect, while his wordplay and the way he weaves his rhymes through the fabric of his polished beats is something that many modern-day hip hop artists are just unable ( or unwilling?) to do. The album boasts beats that are both diverse and epic in scale, and Rashaun flows competently from track to track utilizing a lyrical complexity that should make other emcees retire in shame.

This is an album that encompasses a plethora of subjects with such a variety of beats, delivery, lyrics, etc. that it seemingly will never get stale. It showcases the disciplined breathing, timing, and delivery required. This is an album that will keep you mentally sharp and curious about the world around you. Sure you’ll find some commercially inclined tracks with some great female sung hooks, like “Ride For You (ft. Giconda McCullough)” or “By Any Means (ft. Alicia Renee)”.

There are swinging, funkier numbers like “Welcome To The Show” and “Incredible”. You can ride out to head-nodders like “Higher” and “New Religion”, or you can just sit back and listen to “Eye Of Horus” and “The Gift”. All of the tracks on “Gift From God” are phenomenal, as Rashaun Will presents us the pinnacle of rap. I mean if anybody can put all this stuff on one album, I give them props!



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