PHELIXX LAKE – “Trapped” delves deep into the struggles of self-doubt and emotional turmoil

PHELIXX LAKE, the sensational solo artist, burst onto the metalcore and post-hardcore scene in October 2022 with an electrifying debut single titled “Recovery”. This powerful track delivers a message that resonates with many, denouncing the fake friends that one might encounter on the journey towards enlightenment. Following the success of “Recovery”, PHELIXX LAKE has continued to captivate audiences with two more remarkable releases: “Echo” and “Infrared”. It comes as no surprise that PHELIXX LAKE has already claimed a spot on over 50 of the most popular Spotify playlists, including the highly esteemed All New Metal, New Blood, and Metal UK. This Floridian artist, TJ Whiting aka PHELIXX LAKE now resides in the UK and has quickly become a force to be reckoned with on both sides of the pond and beyond. His talent and dedication to his craft have earned him well-deserved acclaim, and his meteoric rise in the scene is a testament to his undeniable skills as a musician.


Now he hits us with his single, “Trapped”. The song is a rather a concentrated dose of everything that originally made metalcore work in its early days, refined into a massively produced, refreshed final package. It retains the commercial accessibility that has generally come with the territory, but the intensity factor has been kicked up tenfold, into something fierce.

“Trapped” serves as the new industry-standard track for the metalcore genre in 2023. The riff work is an instant reminder of why PHELIXX LAKE is at the top of the genre, with bursts of drum, harsh vocals, clean melodic singing, and soaring choruses.  On the subject of choruses, while always a strength for PHELIXX LAKE, the artist has outdone himself massively here – both in terms of the writing and in Whiting’s stunning execution.

“Trapped” carries absolutely massive singalong choruses that, masterfully crafted such as they are, are impossible to remove from your subconscious; even after just the first listen. This talent for creating huge hooks extends beyond this track to all of PHELIXX LAKE’s singles, proving he is no one-trick pony.

You can tell that TJ Whiting really means what he’s putting out, from the intense drumming, and the impressive guitar work,  to the energetic screams and the heartfelt singing, it all gels together nicely and hits you like a train.

Firing on all cylinders, PHELIXX LAKE stomps into another standout offering, with “Trapped” – a song that explores the internal struggle of a person who feels stuck in their own mind and unable to break free from their emotional turmoil. The lyrics depict a person who is sinking like quicksand, fighting to resist themselves, but feeling like their efforts are pointless.

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The song highlights the war that is raging inside the person’s mind, which is causing them to question their own identity and purpose. They feel forgotten and left behind, struggling to find their place in the world. The lyrics express the confusion and pain that comes with being torn between love and hate, causing the person to want to scream.

The chorus of the song repeatedly asks the question, “What is wrong with me?” This question embodies the struggle of self-doubt and the inability to find inner peace. The person longs for the strength to let go of the past and move forward, but they are trapped in their own emotions and cannot find a way out. The song’s use of the words “war” and “demons” adds a sense of intensity and struggle to the lyrics, emphasizing the internal battle that the person is facing.

Towards the end of the song, the lyrics offer a glimmer of hope, suggesting that the person may find the strength to let go of their past and realize that they are not trapped forever. The song’s title “Trapped” serves as a metaphor for the person’s emotional state and their desire to break free from their inner turmoil.

In summary, “Trapped” by PHELIXX LAKE is a powerful song that delves deep into the struggles of self-doubt and emotional turmoil. Through its poignant lyrics and emotive delivery, the song captures the internal struggle of feeling trapped and the desire to break free. It is a relatable and thought-provoking piece that offers hope to those who are struggling with their own emotional battles.

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