New Releases

PHELIXX LAKE – “Trapped” delves deep into the struggles of self-doubt and emotional turmoil

PHELIXX LAKE, the sensational solo artist, burst onto the metalcore and post-hardcore scene in October 2022 with an electrifying debut single titled “Recovery”. This powerful [more…]

New Releases

Phelixx Lake – “Recovery” – earth shattering sonics and massive guitar riffs!

The Florida-raised and Cambridge-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer TJ Whiting aka Phelixx Lake explodes onto the scene with his debut single “Recovery”, which blends [more…]

New Releases

Bright Fires: “The Scenic Route EP” – an immersive, wildly action-packed journey!

Bright Fires the Houston, Texas based post-hardcore/emo alternative rock band, is back with a brand new EP, entitled “The Scenic Route EP” (Release Date August 6, [more…]


The Dust Warrior: “Automatic” – compelling in its dark, poetic lyricism and unflinching detail

The Dust Warrior together with Future Wax Records, launched the “24 Months of Fury” project in January 2016, in which each month he will release [more…]


Halcyon Hope: “Northern Lights” successfully grasps and expresses every emotion anyone could possibly possess

The Danish four-piece, outfit Halcyon Hope, incorporates a vast experience from the underground alternative music scene in Denmark ranging from pop-punk to post-hardcore. The band is [more…]