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Natt Moore: “Epiphany” – a master of the auditory realm!

After his acclaimed releases “Electronik” and then the “Tick Tock & Remixes” EP, Contempstrumental Records label owner and electronica artist, Natt Moore, has released yet another single, and again he has stretched the boundaries of his sound reach. This time the UK based producer has gone for an epic cinema-type production with “Epiphany”.

This past year has been a series of let-downs as artists I previously liked and was very excited to hear new music from disappointed by shunning the qualities that made them successful in the first place. Fear not – Natt Moore delivers, big time. This is an artist who is able to shift and expand his sound from track to track without losing his best qualities.

Natt Moore
Natt Moore

The result is by far his most textured and layered track to date, with so many sounds and instruments it almost sounds like an IDM track, only far more sweeping with a much richer sound.

“Epiphany” starts like a night at the cinema and then morphs seamlessly into one of the most beautiful tracks Nat has ever crafted. It is a masterful single that demonstrates how well Nat can adapt and expand his sounds without losing anything in the process.

I have full confidence in Natt Moore now and eagerly await anything he will come out with in the future. Whereas many artists get redundant and obviously bored with their craft, Nat only seems to get better every time. I can’t stop playing it. If it were vinyl it would be worn out already. I have all his other tracks and this one is going to be my favorite unless he out does himself again.

Not only will “Epiphany” exercise your speakers, but it will captivate your mind. I’m astonished at how every time I listen to Nat I feel like I’m discovering something new, and for the most part that is the case. Natt Moore is a master of the auditory realm. I’ve been hooked ever since “Electronik”, and his skills and ingenuity just seem to continue blossoming. His sense of rhythm, melody and harmony are, in my opinion, sublime to say the least.


 iTunes track link: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album/epiphany-single/id1128934490?app=itunes
Apple Music link: https://itun.es/gb/AXIsdb
Spotify track link: https://open.spotify.com/album/1X5PRp8KR8KiANGnMizcYn
SoundCloud track link: http://soundcloud.com/nattmoore/epiphany
BandCamp track link: http://nattmoore.bandcamp.com/track/epiphany

Apple Music artist link: itun.es/gb/2frX3
Spotify artist link: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2FDRYYV5pVFltvSOZmFE7Y
SoundCloud artist link: http://soundcloud.com/nattmoore
Bandcamp artist link: http://nattmoore.bandcamp.com/

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