Natt Moore: “Electronik” – a watershed pinpoint of IDM ambient at its finest

Contempstrumental Records label owner and electronica artist, Natt Moore, based in the UK, has released the single “Electronik”. Dropped with virtually no fanfare or hype, “Electronik” is a watershed pinpoint of pure IDM ambient at its finest. The rhythm construction is subdued and fluid, as Natt Moore comes up with a very beautiful and aesthetic melody which never seems to be trite, formless, or trashy. Rather allied to ’70s electronic pioneers than our latter EDM heroes, “Electronik” is also a work with concept character.

Natt Moore
Natt Moore

Natt Moore takes you on a pleasant, never-ending journey through time and space. If you never thought that electronic music could have much an emotional power and quality. This is excellent electronic music without the boredom of many new age or ambient records and four-to-the-floor dance beats. Unlike many electronic music artists’ efforts, this track is palatable for everyone, even for people who usually don’t care about EDM or IDM.

Electronica has got a bad rep for being unemotional and annoying. Natt Moore is one of those artists who shatter that stereotype with rhythmic, intelligent, and beautiful electronica music (others in this category are Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, and Squarepusher).

Natt Moore’s music is extremely easy to listen to, and after you listen to any of his works 2 or 3 times you realize just how beautiful and flowing it is. “Electronik” is filled with old-school electronica sounds, and its beat is perfectly synchronized. To use an organic metaphor, “Electronik” is the soundscape of winter, of earth subsumed by a cold, crystalline surface of snow, nature buried under its mesmerizing whiteness – the abyss codified and made palatable by Natt Moore.

This is anti-pop music. It won’t be something you put on at a party (well, not for most people) and have people dance to it. It is more challenging and engaging, it needs your full attention. Once you’re finished with this single, move on to Natt Moore’s “Vacant Originals” EP, which is even more intriguing, if you like piano-driven, melodic and organic sounding music.


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