Michael Musco: “Uncharted Dream” – coherent and well thought out with a sharp, creative electro-bite

Michael Musco has spent the last 4 years garnering acclaim for his production and commercial music, licensing a large amount of his releases to television, radio, film, video games etc. After years of bootstrapping his studio together, Musco is able to do to produce music that has the freedom of indie music with a professional sound, and no labels calling the shots.

The cover artwork
The cover artwork

Usually trance, techno and house tracks are fairly limited in range and variety as they most always have the same tempo and to tend to run sterile. “Uncharted Dream” by Michael Musco has a progressive house atmosphere that sounds perfect, delivering extraordinary ear pleasure.

I’ve listened to a few of Musco’s works – as he switches through various styles – over the last few days and I’m nowhere close to tiring of it yet. Most of Musco’s songs are absolutely energetic, catchy, unique, and they just plain sound good. They get better the more you listen to them and the more you do the more you appreciate Musco’s work. They are catchy enough the first time around that you can turn the music up and people will dance.

Michael Musco’s beats, breakdowns and buildups on “Uncharted Dream” are darker than many producers in this genre but no less enjoyable and highly effective. The instrumentation in this track can easily keep you dancing or take your imagination on a voyage of its own, depending on your mindset in the midst of the actual listening experience.

michael-musco-350“Uncharted Dream” to me however, is the perfect song to listen to, during the ride, to or from the club, when energy is either building or winding down and the warm feeling of a successful party mission fills the air. It has a very catchy and impassioned synth line, and the light female voice scatterings, here and there on the track, is the perfect garnishing.

Overall, this is a fantastic Michael Musco production. The track never gets bogged down with cheesy vocals, long boring sections, corny samples, or dramatically sudden shifts in mood, all of which I feel are problems that are inherent to the progressive genres. His musical transitions are warm, coherent and well thought out, with a sharp, creative electro-bite. And he is taking those qualities to the next level with “Uncharted Dream”.


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