Morning Fame: “Time of the Blackened Sun” – the evolution continues!

There’s nothing wrong with change and this latest expansion into more progressive rock territory on “Time of the Blackened Sun”, the new single release by Morning Fame, makes for an emotional and interesting listen. It shows how much the band has been maturing since their first release, not only in lyrics, but also in their instrumentals and song writing.

Vik Kapur (Vocals), Joe Liranzo (Guitars), Al Dennis (Drums) and Dan Carret (Bass), are all a lot more intricate and complex this time around with a stronger all-round atmosphere and lots of different effects and tones, which is a nice change for Morning Fame. Vik’s vocals also sound as great as ever.

the single cover artwork
the single cover artwork

The cover notes explain the song as being “a story about the vulnerable, the evil that would destroy them and the hero’s that need to be called into action. Time of the Blackened Sun brings all of these characters together with both sound, lyrics and even a battle of good versus evil…”

“Time of the Blackened Sun”, is the typical epic rock song built on the legends of mythology, in this case, the people who live on the Plains of Ehmef. But the track once again indicates Morning Fame’s greatest strength, which is still their unerring ability to write catchy, memorable melodies and lyrics.

Amidst the raw electric guitar that punctuates the arrangement, the relentless beating drums and throbbing basslines, it is the melody and storytelling, courtesy of Vik Kapur, that immediately captures one’s attention. On subsequent listens the musical imagery will unfold itself allowing you to appreciate its crafting.

There is an almost palpable, reassuring quality infused into the DNA of nearly every Morning Fame song, due to Kapur’s vocal deliveries that draw an otherwise casual listener into prose that passes for song lyrics, served over tones that comfort and invite rather than challenge and divide. And that is the key to Morning Fame’s attractiveness here.

While the rest of the group musically challenges the listener to an evolved listening experience, it is Kapur’s voice that provides that familiar, comfort-zone cushion, easing listeners into the experience.

This project is top notch as is their entire catalog. These guys have never failed to capture and transport me with their songs. On “Time of the Blackened Sun”, we are offered yet another opportunity to listen attentively, nod knowingly and realize that the journey we began with Morning Fame from their outset, is far from over!


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