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LREDS: “Hero” featuring Mark Noonan & Laura Raggi – a fusion of pop and piano-driven rock!

Based in Rome, Italy, LREDS is a producer and pianist, producing Pop, Rock and Alternative music. LREDS recently released the track entitled “Hero” featuring Mark Noonan & Laura Raggi. Like the singles that preceded it, “Hero” builds on LREDS’ lyrical themes and musical style, evolving in a way that never compromises his sound. A new, lush atmosphere is introduced and the recording quality is getting better with every release, but you could easily throw any song from LREDS into the same mix as any song they would sound great in succession.

LREDS produces catchy tunes with depth. We like to think we know who we are and what we are doing, and yet I suspect that beneath the surface we all harbor secret love, regret and hope. The music from “Hero” speaks directly to things beneath our surfaces. But it does not merely speak; it seduces and convinces us that our feelings are being expressed in the music. We remember and soar when the music turns in a particular direction. If you have some empathy for this song, you will be taken on a journey to nostalgic places full of love. It is romantic and heart felt.

The single cover
The single cover

With an enormous amount of creative control from writing and producing LREDS creates a rhythmic based sound that represents a fusion of pop and piano-driven rock, washed in tons of melody and harmony. The real reason this track is so good is that LREDS has learned to carefully craft his songs.

He delivers something fresh, something different to the rest of the bunch but whilst doing so, keeps in touch with the roots of the indie pop/rock scene. The chord progression is very nice and the lyrics shine over the subtle piano guitar from the onset. The track picks up, and it is filled by dynamic male-female, call-and-answer vocals which are beautifully and perfectly executed.

This is nothing short of a must buy if you like indie or pop; or if you’re looking to lighten up your atmosphere with an uplifting melody. And that’s exactly what “Hero” featuring Mark Noonan & Laura Raggi does – it makes you feel on top of the world. It packs a whole lot of positive vibes and soaring melody into a short amount of time. If LREDS keeps up the momentum he’ll surely be sweeping the international charts soon.


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