Lorax Tempesta – “When The Lights Go Down” – is right to the spot, distinctive and near perfect!

Lorax Tempesta releases his electro-pop ballad, “When The Lights Go Down”, featuring female guest vocalist, Megan Gill. The song’s lyrics narrate the fundamental aspect of time within life’s experiences, and how time can be linked to many things, such as love, friendship, and being together, but also loneliness. This song moves you. It sounds incredible on big stereo systems with the powerful clean piano keys and Megan’s melancholic lilt impacting your senses. This hypnotic and addicting tune fills your soul with a steady pulsating beat that transports you to a place in your mind where you will meet all your perplexities, uncertainties, fears and hopes.

Megan Gill has a soulful, nuanced voice that blends in the perfect amount of affliction, to make this song work magnificently. At the same time, Lorax Tempesta’s production is understated and somber, creating a wistful backdrop that entices the listener into the story.

Lorax has clearly attempted to develop a distinct personality for “When The Lights Go Down”, while displaying his impeccable musicality. In fact he comes across as entirely aware and confident in his talent, something that should envelope any audience, as his music symbolizes the mood-inducing, captivating imagery contained within the song.

“When The Lights Go Down” ft. Megan Gill is an ever-charming record from start to finish that certifies Lorax Tempesta’s name and presence as a musician and producer in the pop and electronic music business.

Lorax’s brand of electo-pop tunes is very much of the now – if you were going to craft a ‘current’ balladry sound, then the poignant lyrical sheet, resonating piano, thumping drum beat, and haunted, bruised vocal tones of this song, wouldn’t be too far off. Each element is clearly articulated and prominent. Furthermore, you can hear the painful honesty and truth of the performance throughout the record.

Lorax Tempesta proves to be undeniably better than many of his contemporaries – musically eloquent in a way that few can convey and just staggering in both his maturity and emotions. His music on this song, is understated and intimate, thus distancing himself from the clichéd, bombastic club pack.

Adding to the song’s universal appeal and Lorax’s own artistic identity. On “When The Lights Go Down”, he has delivered an intensely personal and personable track that listeners everywhere should be able to identify with in some form or another. This track is a lot of things, but the biggest reason you’ll love it so much, is because of how relatable it is.

Everything on “When The Lights Go Down” ft. Megan Gill, is right to the spot, distinctive and near perfect, where Lorax Tempesta establishes a distinctive sound for himself. Every time you hear this dreamy, dark piano and synth-based production, and when Megan’s gracefully emoting vocals come in, you know who you’re listening to. Not everybody has that.

This song offers a smooth sound and thoughtful lyrics throughout. It is it is clear that the issues are close to Lorax’s heart. “When The Lights Go Down” has all the ingredients to be a success, and hopefully this won’t be the last we hear of Lorax Tempesta.


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