LeeMann Bassey: “6 Feet Under” qualifies as minimalist avant-garde R&B

A full-time model who has worked with renowned photographers such Cavier Coleman, Jimi Sweet, and Luis Lozano, LeeMann Bassey’s passion is singing. Hailing from Central Islip, NY, the soulful R&B artist debuted officially during the summer of 2017, although he changed his stage name to Lee Alexander briefly after a stint in the gospel music realm. His two track single “Colored” will be available for download on all major digital outlets on October 31st. In the meantime got a taste of one of the track to be included in the package – “6 Feet Under”. A heartfelt ballad, the song narrates coping with life’s imperfections which you cannot change, like you height for example. 6 feet alludes to the average height of models who are often seen as the most beautiful people in the world. This song is meant to speak to the hearts of those who feel they don’t make the grade in things they may aspire to.

This qualifies as minimalist avant-garde R&B; the reflection of what’s perceived to be known in the genre and the dismantling of it into a reworked lesson, something that challenges what you know, what you’ve been taught, and what you’ve learned.

LeeMann Bassey grapples with this style in a profoundly understated way. He doesn’t sketch his choruses with the production of a radio hit. He welcomes R&B in bluesy grayscale tones, choosing jazzy electric guitars over traditional synth and bass-heavy R&B. It’s an artist confronting life’s frailties, and LeeMann does so in a way that bares all without sounding like a sloppy, sappy mess.

LeeMann Bassey absorbs his influences, pours them through a strainer, and then filters that product once again. He is more than his voice, and “6 Feet Under” sees him illustrate the ways in which he’s a true artist.

Regardless of how much these lyrics were influenced by lines like, “I know you cannot see, but I know I’m living in a world that I’m 6 feet under for,” the ache in LeeMann’s voice is universal.

And it’s this breaking voice that carries the track. Whether he’s being candid or vulnerable, and lyrically baring it all, LeeMann’s songwriting speaks to the humanity in us all. He lets himself go, and makes music about how he really feels, and the project comes out beautifully.

Tracks like “6 Feet Under” showcases LeeMann Bassey’s unique vocal and songwriting talents as well as his ability to paint a thought-provoking picture backed only by a bass, drums and glistening guitar strokes.

LeeMann shuns the regular stalwarts of the genre and elects to record a stripped down song, which allows his incredibly diverse vocal delivery and message, to take center stage, where it should be. The track is every bit as boldly conceived, brilliantly executed as it is irrefutably fresh.


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