Kev Scott: “The Loved Ones” – an exceptional, moving record

“The Loved Ones” is the brand new album by Lancashire singer-songwriter Kev Scott and is the follow-up his 2014 debut album ‘Songs about People & Feelings’. The collection of songs which is a journey through love, loss, tales of strange relationships and world issues is performed by Kev (vocals, guitars, keys, piano, harmonica & banjo), backed by long time collaborators Steve Pellatt (drums), John Banks (lead guitar) and co-producer Chris Holland (bass/lead guitar).

This is a terrific set of ten songs that features anything a person would want out of a folk-rock influenced album: soaring harmonies, desperate lyrics, fast-paced build-ups and cool come-downs. Kev has a wonderful rapport with the other players and the musicianship is strong throughout.

Kev Scott - Photo Samantha Scott
Kev Scott – Photo Samantha Scott

Standouts “The Loved Ones”, “Helpless (cryin’ out)”, “Carried My Baby”, “White Feathers” and “Where The Love Grows” have really nice musical build-ups to them and great sustaining emotions running through the arrangements. These are songs that pull you in and keep your attention.  But to be truthfully honest, every song will draw you in, simply because the lyrics, harmonies, and overall musicality are blissful.

The album itself is an easy five stars; an exceptional, moving record from a tremendously talented artist and group of musicians. There’s some peaking and distortion at the various ends of the dynamic range, and that’s what makes it so much better than the common dump-a-digital-album release.

This sounds like an authentic recording by a real live band. The so called revival of folk-rock continues with Kev Scott, but do not be tricked into thinking that this album is just another addition to the long list of Mumford and Sons, the Lumineers, The Head and the Heart collectives, etc.

Scott’s influences go much further back. If you love music, you will love this album. If you love passionate vocals, you will love this album. If you love lyrics, you will love this album. You will love this album. Period.

Some music you have to get in to and let it grow on you, but that’s not the case with this. The songs are fairly simple melodically but with lush acoustic dominated instrumentation and emotional singing.

The album has moody, somber material such as “My Heart” but also forges moments of sheer exuberance as on “This Twisted Love”, which means I ended up being more impressed with Kev Scott than I initially thought I would be.

Why didn’t I listen to Kev Scott sooner? That was my thought after listening to his new album. The year is still new, but to my mind “The Loved Ones” will hold up as one of the best in folk-rock music all year. On each and every song Scott is always ready to make his play not just for your ears, but for your heart and soul as well.



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