G Angels – “Born” pulls the listener to the heart of the captivating soundscape

G Angels is an independent group that released their debut single “Never Confident” on 24th May 2020. The group consists of singer-songwriter Gleb, and composer, engineer, and sound producer Tosha, who initially made electronic music. The duo, who create in different styles and genres, released their second single, “Born” on July 24, and the track shows a remarkable amount of confidence. And that’s a fantastic thing for a new group.

Through the atmospheric buildup of the opening bars, though the spectacular swirling verses, and right up to the aching choruses, the darkened atmosphere is as relentless as it is cohesive and when the track fades out, it really feels like you’ve been on a long journey. You know that you’ve just listened to an epic song. And all this is without even noting the highlights, of which there are plenty.

The exploring synths and keys are brilliant with their layered walls building subtle crescendos. The insistent percussion skittering between the foreground and background. The soulful and thundering vocal power always ready to rip your speakers into shreds, while the overall aura brings haunting apexes to your mindset.  “Born” has the sound of an unforgettable classic. It completely transcends its genre. It’s just a brilliant single top to bottom.

G Angels rely on a beautiful soundscape, and an impacting atmosphere to create a captivating and profound song that is a joy to listen to from beginning to end. In my opinion this is the type of electronic based track that rivals the best the genre has to offer in terms of sheer soulful beauty. The track is accessible to a wide listener base because of its addictive alternative mood, and pop qualities.

“Born” is the type of track that will endear pop lovers, indie rockers, and electronic enthusiasts alike. The sheer power and wonder of the vocal crescendos, the wandering of the curious keys, and the slow-burning percussive production make this a true genre-transpiring gem. A fantastic chemistry between Gleb and Tosha, pulls the listener to the heart of the shifting soundscape which morphs until the very last note.

Call “Born” the perfect soundscape: It changes and shifts while maintaining its mesmerizingly repetitive central rhythmic motif. It is an unusually urgent song that hovers hazily in an extremely unique and interesting way.

The song is a truly fantastic example of fullhearted atmosphere and epic electronica that stamps itself with the newly found G Angels sound. “Born” takes the listener on an unmitigated aural journey through the most enthralling reaches of electronic music.

What Gleb and Tosha, aka G Angels, accomplish in just over 4 minutes in “Born”, take most of their peers an entire album to achieve. They wisely apply their technical skills, upping the prominence of the song’s emotional content in the process.

To go along with the hypnotic music, “Born” also sports impassioned vocal lines that are hopelessly infectious. Thus, providing a mood far more impellent, and ultimately fascinating, than any single of this genre, I have heard this year so far.



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