James Seville: “Beta”- translating his ideas and emotions across!

James Seville is 21-year-old rapper and New Orleans-native whose name is derived from his love of Cadillac’s. James has put together various projects in the past – but the Beta” EP is his first official release. It’s the prelude to the album Genesis, which he has been working on for about a year so far.

Throughout Beta”, Seville shows the versatility that even most first-time major label artists are striving for. He mixes rapping and singing all with a sense of vulnerability yet playfulness. He uses a plethora of tools to combine and weave his emotions together into his tracks.Beta”, offers a stoner-type track with ‘Surreal‘ and a chilled out tune like ‘Tell Me’, all alongside the standout title track itself ‘BETA’,  where his lyrics and rap game are strong throughout.

The EP Cover
The EP Cover

Another great thing is that you don’t have to go and search Rap Genius for the lyrics as there is no garbled rapping or singing – this is a plus point. James Seville’s focus isn’t on spitting out rhymes as fast as possible, but it’s translating his ideas and emotions across. I like that.

You can hear through each track that Seville is constantly working on perfecting his craft but all the time he tries to maintain more of an emotional appeal to it, he delivers strong hooks and emotional lyrics that makes his music stick. Though he is a more under-the-radar type of rapper, many of his songs have a strong radio appeal.

James Seville’s laid-back flow finds a sweet middle ground between singing and rapping on ‘Tell Me’, actually attaining a level of authenticity while achieving a desired goal of rap star hardness and an ethereal atmosphere.

After this listen, I think it’s safe to say that James Seville is on his way to something. It’s clear that ‘BETA’ is his stepping stone towards Genesis. With a few simple and appealing beats, some well-timed flows, a dash of humor, and a handful of inventive rhymes with emotional substance, he has actually made an EP that flies high. Imagine what he could do with extra tracks and a little more effort!


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