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HOTKIN: “That Way” – hard hitting and detailed music with a strong message for rock!

HOTKIN is a Hard Rock group who cares about the music message and believes it’s a universal way of freeing the mind and body. The band says they want to bring back Rock to the masses and make people believe in what really should matter. HOTKIN is Pedro Vieira (Vocals), Daniel Fonseca (Guitar), Diogo Branco (Bass) and Francisco Amado (Drums). “That Way” is the band’s third single release, which is supported by a live video published on YouTube.

hotkin-singerRight off the blocks, this is a great single. Its production value is extremely high. It sounds great at any volume. Pedro Vieira is on the top of his game and the rest of the band is tight. There is a high melodic value to the guitar lines laid down by Daniel Fonseca which I liked.

Sometimes hard rock or metal has a tendency to sound mathematical on riffs and solos, but HOTKIN break the trend here. Apart from exploring their powerful melodic side, another thing that completely stands out on this track is the rhythms laid down by Diogo Branco on bass and  Francisco Amado on drums – total fire!

The thing is, hard rock, when done properly – check out Motley Crue and Guns n’ Roses in their heyday – is the last bastion of the rebellion and individualism that defined rock and roll in the first place. Without that component, the music can still rock and still be enjoyed, but it will lack a certain amount of raw energy and emotion.

hotkin-bandThat’s what happened to whom I classify as nu-metal bands, like Nickleback, Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin, and the list goes on etc., etc. They make catchy rocking music no doubt. And I have even enjoyed singing some of their Top 40 anthems at live concerts – but people beware, this is not real rock n’ roll, at least the way Led Zeppelin intended from their outset!

Rock needs that visceral element – you can’t see it, sometimes you can’t even hear it, but you can damn well feel it when it’s there! And HOTKIN have it on “That Way”.

This track doesn’t let up steam during its duration, and it rocks harder for it.  HOTKIN understands exactly what they need: huge drums, fat but crisp guitars and an overall sound that pummels without ever becoming muddy. On top of that they have a vocalist that soars.

The result is a great rock band; hard hitting and detailed music with a strong message. And then behind all of that there is a perceptible veil of raw edginess that once belonged to the legends of the past.


Top feature photo courtesy of Alice Fortuna Photography

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