‘Hold’ – a song about unity by The Keymakers

‘Hold’ – a song by The Keymakers – available now on all streaming platforms, was written about COVID-19 and the impact that it’s had on so many lives across the world. “It was written about longing to touch those we love in a time when we can’t, finding ways to adjust to our ‘new normal’, and finding the silver linings amidst all the pain. As events have unfolded over the past couple of weeks with the George Floyd killing and resulting protests, the song has taken on a new meaning for us.

More than anything, it’s about unity. The pandemic and the systemic racism and oppression in our country are two VERY different issues with very different causes, but they have both benefited and will continue to benefit from some of the same things – empathy, understanding, sacrifice, and above all, unity. There are so many people and forces trying to divide us, and this song is about coming together to fight against them all. We sincerely hope that it can be therapeutic for others, in any way that is helpful. “We will make it through this.”

Meet The Keymakers – the duo musical project from brothers Rome and Red. Close from an early age, the two somehow worked on music completely independently until forming The Keymakers three years ago. Since then, they’ve used their diverse influences and the experiences from their separate musical journeys to develop a dynamic sound. They’ve since amassed a following through success on streaming services such a Spotify, where they’ve hit over 1.5 million plays.

The dynamic nature that drives their music also influences how they perform. Red used to DJ college parties and shows – Rome used to play saxophone in a jazz band and sing R&B – and both of those histories are evident in their live performance. Through incorporating DJing/Mixing, Live Instrumentation, Sampling, Drumming, and Vocals, they do everything they can to make sure the audience is having a good time.


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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