Hayze: “She Whoooo!” produced by Jojo Farinella – deft and vivid lyrical mosaics

Hailing from Southampton, England, Hayze is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist with a unique approach to his blend of hip-hop. Coming from poor surroundings, Hayze focused on music as it was truly all he had growing up. Eventually, he refined his craft and developed a sound that is all about connecting with listeners through high-energy release, uplifting melodies, and a thought-provoking lyrical flow. His recent debut EP, created with the collaboration of Bizarre from D12, is currently available on Soundcloud and Datpiff.


From the “No Sunshine In The Shade” EP, comes the Trap-induced single “She Whoooo!” produced by Jojo Farinella.  Hayze is an artist who is predictably unpredictable; arguably the most consequential aspect of this track is how it eradicates traditional UK Hiphop pitfalls in a sublimely organic fashion.

His keen ear for production is a foregone conclusion, as he sheds the customary unimaginativeness linked to modern rap music by choosing an understated but superlative beat. And at the same time Hayze manages to keep his lyricism and unmistakable flow as the most vigorous magnetic pull of his music.

He’s deft in his weaving of wildly vivid lyrical mosaics, and capable of unreeling complex, nested references and sharp one-liners in equal measure, and is probably the least Brit-sounding rapper I’ve heard in a while. This will probably endear him to more to the snob-like USA rap listening public. The thing is I think Hayze knows he’s a great lyricist, and he loves to show it in his work.

His words are like a boxer throwing punches: you expect them, but the blows land, and you can’t see them coming. Even though change is good, the single proves that old tricks are equally as effective when done right. And Hayze gets everything right here, from the subject matter, to the lyrics and music production.

This is the kind of hip-hop sound that is filling the airwaves right now, and each subsequent release only helps to exhibit how well Hayze is adapting – from the producers he works with, to how lively he sounds – in a way it solidifies his position in the underground industry.

What I think people will love about Hayze is how much game he gives, there’s countless gems dropped throughout his catalog that can be applied to all walks of life. In each song, he’s stepping into the actual role, playing the part, and even on just one listen, it’s clear he’s executing the concept of his music.



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