Eljay Marquise: ‘Party Pak and Tabs’ is just bursting with energy all the way through!

Upcoming Ohio artist returns with a new 12 track project, ‘Party Pak and Tabs’, with no features and production from NoOneKares, Superstaar Beats, Geo Fresh, and more. Released by Certified Mixtapez and Art Is Krime Management, Eljay says of the mixtape: “The music on the project matches the name perfectly. I wanted it to sound like the theme music to a Saturday night house party on my side of town.”

Eljay Marquise
Eljay Marquise

As soon as Party Pak and Tabs’ begins with “Kompliments [Prod. TheBeatPlug]”, it starts off with a catchy hook and a nice beat. And the amixtapes almost remains that way the entire time. Don’t expect to hear too serious real life type of lyrics, this is a go party and have fun record. Eljay Marquise has raps about women, money, drugs, focusing on hustling and his grind.

From the outset, Eljay makes a few things clear. He’s having a rave, fornicating with women, and can’t be bothered with haters because they don’t affect his ability to achieve the first two things. The subject matter doesn’t stray much throughout the 12-track album. But that can be a plus if you enjoy rhymes about explicit sexual rituals, sipping Henny, smoking weed and moving weight. It’s really a preference thing.

The production is tight—ranging from creeping drive-by music to aggressive versions of orchestral string themes. The variety of Producers provide soundscapes that complement Eljay’s enunciate-every-syllable flow – None the better than on standout tracks like “Holy Moly [Prod. TECHx]”, “HunnidK (100K) [Prod. NoOneKares]”, “Spillin Henny [Prod. Juice 808]”, “Anime [Prod. Dee B]” and “Go Getta [Prod. Superstaar Beats]”.

the mixtape cover artwork
the mixtape cover artwork

There’s a lot of crazy and explicit lyricism on these tracks, which seems to work well. Perhaps this can be attributed to Eljay’s habit of mixing rhymes about his vices with affairs from the street in almost every verse. It makes him something like a permanent guest feature, on his own songs. That’s also probably why he needs no features or guest appearances on this mixtape.

Party Pak and Tabs’ is tailor made for headphone listening and careful analysis of every word. But these songs are predominantly meant to be played loud in public settings, as long as you can handle the explicit language. If you haven’t already figured it out, Eljay Marquise is an energetic, aggressive, in-your-face-rapper with an appealing, abrasive voice and determined flow.

There is serious entertainment value here and the mixtape serves its purpose as a soundtrack to the party and player lifestyle. Existing within a world that most times overlooks lyrical competence or any moral deficiencies, there are enough instances where Eljay’s braggadocio style will pin your ears to the wall, with stark naked truths. Party Pak and Tabs’ is just bursting with energy all the way through!



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