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Groove State: “Champion” delivers gripping rhythms, clever instrumentation and captivating vocals!

Music is my passion I believe it defines who you are. Those that miss the emotional connection of music are missing a huge piece of life’s most primal pleasures. I am listening to Groove State’s “Champion” for the umpteenth time this morning. This electro-pop duo is awesome in her energy and unique sound. In a pop landscape dominated by flash and style over substantial songwriting, Groove State offers something worth paying attention to. There’s verve, swagger, charm, energy, and conviction oozing through their songs and “Champion” is no exception.

And just in case your taste in electronic music is divided by subgenres and mixing flavors, Groove State dish out “Champion” in 6 different infectious remix versions – running from the Radio Edit to Global Radio Edit, Sub Crusher, Club Mix, Dub Mix and Global Club Mix.  Singer Lisjana has that scratchy at times, sultry at times, kind of voice that captures your attention and holds on. You can tell she is authentic and real. Producer Deep G is hipper and cooler than ever, delivering gripping rhythms and clever instrumentation. He captures the innovative and positive essence of dance/electronic music.

Regardless of how long electronic music has been around, it has yet to be fully captured in the same way that popular music has in the history of music at large. I don’t believe we’ve entered the ‘classic rock’ era of electronic music yet, in the next few years I think it will really take its most meaningful form. Groove State is a serious step in the right direction. They are so much fun to listen to. Their blend of delicious Pop hooks and energetic EDM makes this 6 track remix set varied, with the thread of Lisjana’s great voice that carries you from one mix to the next on a rollicking ride.

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MORE ABOUT: Groove State is two Australian songwriters/artists, Lisjana on vocals and music producer Deep G. Their independent dance hits have achieved Top 20 USA National Club Chart success (FMQB, DJ TIMES) and heavy rotation on dance radio airwaves and mix shows around the globe. Groove State’s music videos have received over a half a million views. In 2013 Groove State’s song “Do You Want My Love” placed in Shameless USA TV series on showtime and their song “Light Up The Sky” was used on the USA TV network ABC’s cult drama “The Lying Game” with an audience of over one and a half million. Tracks from their debut Album have also been licensed to Nokia, Red Bull, Sony Entertainment UK (Play Station), Abercrombie & Fitch, Footlocker, Wilson Advertising, Rock America, and Universal Records.

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