DYG: “Ye$ Lord” is required listening for everyone about their business!

Howard Derrick, known as DYG, is an up and coming artist/songwriter in Houston, TX who recently released his latest single “Ye$ Lord”. And on listening to the new track we can affirm that DYG now deserves consideration as one of hip-hop’s chosen representatives.

DYG-300Backed by a slow-stomping bass-driven beat, “Ye$ Lord” is an unflinching and apocalyptic defense of the rapper’s grind. Within 3 verses he has covered everything essential in his work ethic. Coming out like the undisputed champion of storytelling rhymes DYG showcases his narrative skills on the track, rhyming in a confident and earnest voice.

This isn’t preaching, this is hip-hop at its incendiary best. “Ye$ Lord” is required listening for everyone about their business. For those interested in waking up the neighbors with lyrical wordplay DYG’s got you covered. “Ye$ Lord” is a slowly unfolding banger.

It balances deep bass lines with gritty keyboards while DYG proves Houston’s about more than candy painted rhymes. He sounds every bit as commanding and dominant as any hype would indicate. The music’s wistful gravitas also supply DYG with the ideal backdrop for his philosophical verbal nuggets.

A wildly talented rhymer, DYG is capable of a slow-rolling cadence or double-time tongue-twisting, and is at his best cutting his enemies down. This first single from the upcoming “Hennessy x Wknds” collection represents a positive step forward, both musically and lyrically. It comes out with a great concept and superb delivery.

You will immediately grow to admire DYG’s swagger and cleverness. He stays relevant because he shows a great concern about the world around him and how it all works. And if you actually take the time to listen to his songs (you’d be doing yourself a favor with a true artist like DYG), it simply doesn’t contain empty demeaning stances that brings such a shadow on hip-hop.

If he pinpoints somebody or an issue, it’s because it really subsists. If you’re a fan of something different in your hip hop music, “Ye$ Lord” is a great listening choice. Is this a classic song? Will it bust your speakers? Mission accomplished. Nobody will ever underestimate DYG again after hearing this song.


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