Comboverdose – ‘Decade Three Combplete’ – brilliant auras of sound and emotion swirl together

Based out of Hitchin, UK, about 30 minutes north of London, Comboverdose has always had music ingrained into his lifestyle – from going through his parents’ old records and CDs, to gradually building his own collection. His own compositions span several genres, from smooth lo-fi hip-hop, to soulful drum and bass. Comboverdose’s upcoming EP which is titled ‘Decade Three Combplete’ is being released on all streaming services on February 13th, which is also his 30th birthday. The sound design throughout this new body of work is what you’d expect from a caring creative: popping percussion, synths and bass that melt like butter, mellifluous vocal motifs, and a healthy dose of groove to make everything bump.

Comboverdose has struck such a balance that his production talents shine through on every turn. This is a concise three-track record that is packed with sonic goodies and effortlessly cool. ‘Decade Three Combplete’ is an evolution of musical progression that blends a diversity of chill styles into a brilliant cohesive body of music.

Throughout this recording, there’s always a pleasant aura coming off the music. Whether it’s the soothing basslines, the fluttering keyboard notes, or the kinetic drum grooves, the EP always has something tasteful to offer.

Starting from the title track, ‘Decade Three Combplete’ kicks off with light vocal harmonies and jazz-inspired keys before the dedicated drums and broiling bassline develops into a throbbing beat. Its lush chord progressions are key to the transition between each distinct passage which brings home Comboverdose’s virtuoso ability to craft sophisticated drum tracks with depth and character.

On “The River,” Comboverdose steps into a deep downtempo groove, which is colored by shimmering keys, and gently woven string pads, and propelled by an outstanding hypnotic bassline. The listener is consumed with a mellow, smoothly-flowing, care-free vibe, which will induce many into a dreamlike status. From beginning to end, there’s a tremendous meditative quality to this track which utterly mesmerizes.

“Silky” is probably the most fleshed-out and resonating track on the EP. Soulful, searching horns, and reverberating piano chords, dominate an assertive soundscape embellished with female vocal adlibs.

The brilliant auras of sound and emotion swirl together to create alternating moments of euphoria and tranquility. It’s not only an excellent composition by Comboverdose, on both emotional and technical levels, but also the most sonically rich track here.

‘Decade Three Combplete’ cannot only be enjoyed from beginning to end, but it feels special in a musical era driven mainly by overwhelming bombast. There’s a warming consonance among these songs that exude emotion, well-being and comfort. In these uncertain and troubled times, such elements are not to be underestimated. Everything on this EP sounds amazingly thought-out.

Overall, the beats are crisp, the keyboards are enveloping, the basslines are deep, and the melodies floating above it all stay in the spotlight. Comboverdose is firmly in his own orbit as he soundtracks transcendence with inspired eloquence.

Every moment on ‘Decade Three Combplete’ surpasses your expectations, whether it is the melodies, arrangements, chord progressions, percussion, or even the brief moments of vocal enhancement.


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