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Bluombre drop the single project – “My Mind Belongs To Me”

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Bluombre musica is a musical project by Giuseppe Tumolo (author of the lyrics, melodies and producer) from Italy, who calls himself “a virtual band”. A set of people who collaborate remotely.

In 1996, Tumolo’s passion for writing was born. From short poems he move on to musical lyrics, then the first guitar and a flood of songs written from 1997 to 2004. Lyrics written with passion and transport and melodies created by ear. The first collaborations, the need to make a physical record, led to growth at that stage.

The advent of the internet and social media has given way to Bluombre 2.0, an all-digital experience centered on sharing between artists and dissemination on the net. So they started again in 2016 with the project “Quando tu ci sei” with Bruno Augugliaro.

“A song becomes a musical project: it is arranged in different ways and entrusted to different performers,” explains Giuseppe Tumolo. “We also take advantage of sharing our fan base. To date, there are 6 active musical projects. Over 55,000 views and over 225,000 total streams. The road is drawn, the idea is to get far, even if the journey is done on foot (not having labels or those who invest in music).”

ABOUT THE PROJECT: The musical project Tumolo is presenting, is called “My mind belongs to me”. Here I propose the dance version of the song. Everything comes from the Italian version “A new air” contained as a bonus track in the 2017 EP. Lyrics by Giuseppe Tumolo (Bluombre), music by Giuseppe Tumolo and Rocco di Bisceglie.

The song has had its evolution especially in the lyrics adapted in English and then the music which became a dance song.

This is the fulcrum of Bluombre’s musical project: the ability of a song to know how to adapt and transform. The related video clips are also themed. A juxtaposition of images, the paradoxes, the gaps that these times are leaving around us. The desire to leave (the train that leaves), the desire to take our soul elsewhere that the mind often fails to protect.

Here, the central theme is this: knowing how to resist external stresses, knowing how to separate reality from virtual one. Consequently remaining lucid but not indifferent. It could also be up to us to yield, to fall. My mind belongs to me, it belongs only to me. But it must be defended, it must be strengthened.

Initially the lyrics in Italian represented the desire to go away from those who did not appreciate and did not understand what lies behind the desire to write songs, who was not able to give a chance.

The music followed the lyrics as it wanted to come into mind, the rhythm is increasing but then it returns to normal and explodes in the final solo. The words of the refrain are pressing, as if to want to convince oneself of what is repeated.

Credits “My Mind Belongs To Me” – Vocals by Gabriel Tali, remixed by Sam Goldstain.


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