Blue Moon Harem getting ready to drop their 3rd studio album, “Deep Into Blue”

Blue Moon Harem has recently completed their 3rd studio album, “Deep Into Blue” (Release Date is still TBA) featuring the singles, “Lie” and “My Front Door” of which we caught a preview, including the track “Lucky”. To be honest since I heard the single “Lie” about two months back, this has become one of my favorite bands, and they do not disappoint here at all – Very catchy stuff as usual and top notch musicianship all-round.

Blue Moon Harem
Blue Moon Harem

In fact I would purchase any Blue Moon Harem stuff just for Jonathan Bix’s vocals alone, which means no disrespect to this extremely professional band, but no-one would deny that Bix has one of the catchiest and most emotional voices in under-the-radar rock!

Once you tune into “My Front Door”, the stage is set for Blue Moon Harem’s masterful combination of acoustic and electric guitars that make their songs so powerful, especially with the sprinkled hard rocking riffs. They can manage to sound hard with a rock edge, yet manage to maintain a melodic pop quality to their songs. The song attracts the attention from the very slow beginning and makes itself highly memorable thanks to an incredibly catchy and soaring chorus.

The signature style of Blue Moon Harem and their songwriting talent are both here and leave no doubt that these guys happily go on with creating great music that is accessible to almost all ears. Heartfelt lyrics, bone-tingling riffs and quality composition is how you’d describe their music.

Pure talent – through and through, Jonathan Bix, guitarist Demetri Joannou and the rest of the gang are a throwback to the days when a group had to write and perform quality music in order to be successful and popular as opposed to the marketing-mania sweeping the music industry today. If Blue Moon Harem continues to crank out quality music like they have here, they’ll be headed toward the higher echelons of their genre.

Blue Moon Harem
Blue Moon Harem

The track “Blue” is no exception to the rule, with a lively, distinct beat, and the once again gorgeous vocal chords of Bix, this song will leave listeners wanting more and more, while they nod their heads and hum along. “Lie”, which we had the privilege to review previously, is slightly more complex and edgier than the other two songs, displaying the band’s music arranging qualities, the fantastic chord progressions and Demetri Joannou’s six-string prowess.

To me this album will exemplify what many people are searching for in rock-orientated music: Phenomenal all-round quality when it comes to instrumentation, lyrics and performance, but at the same time it is also important for the music to be inspirational, relatable and accessible. And then there’s the one thing that ultimately makes or breaks any serious rock n’ roll band – the vocals.

Just look at the bands who were fronted by the likes of Chris Cornell, Eddie Vedder, Corey Taylor, Layne Staley, Scott Weiland…and I haven’t even gotten into the legends list yet! Blue Moon Harem can rest assured that in Jonathan Bix they’ve got the right man for the job, as they go “Deep Into Blue”!


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