Blaikz: “Crush” ft. YOMA pops and sparkles crisply!

It seems that everybody leaves the best until the very last. Right  at the close of the year we’ve come across some scintillating EDM tracks. Not least “Crush” ft. YOMA by German Dj, Producer and Remixer, Blaikz (Sven Schwarz). Out through the Mental Madness label, the track also features remixes by the likes of Steve Modana, Bastiqe, David Jedom, Soya Leo, Canta, Vanilla Kiss, Freaqminder.

The now tried-and-true EDM formula – the pairing of distinct vocalists and some pulverizing House beats, has become a status quo in an EDM-saturated world, but Blaikz colors his musical pallet with interesting sounds and buildups making the song an unexpected blend of killer vocals and ravetastic synthesizers.

“Crush” ft. YOMA feels every bit as thrilling as efforts by Blaikz’ contemporaries. And while he already stays close to the leading the EDM pack, he is still paying attention and expanding his sound — and he’s still got plenty to provide for the dance floor.

If you’re a long time EDM or Pop music lover, look no further because you’ll feel repaid with this new track by Blaikz’, which is full of the very best elements taken from both of the aforementioned genres.

You will have a blast bathing in the sweet, warm and uplifting vocals supplied by YOMA. And while Blaikz may tinker in the fusion of different sounds, breakdowns and tempo shifts, his signature synth keeps the track cohesive and recognizable throughout.

There is no denying his formula works. Plus he ups the ante here by featuring a great vocalist.   “Crush” ft. YOMA pops and sparkles crisply, but underneath, it pumps furiously with a bass line that sounds like it’s about to catch fire, showing the world Blaikz’s burning EDM light that has never shined so bright.

Blaikz may have waited until December to drop his latest record “Crush” ft. YOMA, but it blows the rest of the competition out of the water!



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