Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders: “Seen It All Before” has a genuine drive and snap to it!

Drawing from rock, folk and country, Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders has created an extraordinary body of work on their debut album, “The Last of the Originals”, and the new single, “Seen It All Before” from the upcoming album “Go By Myself”, released in October, only adds to this. This exciting, fresh, creative, flashy, arousing, new piece of mastery from Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders is awesome. If you have been waiting for that 60’s or 70’s classic singer-songwriter, rock n’ roll music to make it into this century, here it is!

Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders took an old formula that was right there on the shelf and re-created their own version of lightning with “Seen It All Before”.   I have listened to it six or seven times now and think it is one of their best songs so far. It takes me back to when music was simple, straightforward and well worth listening to. The track is finely crafted, musically and lyrically perfect with the trademark Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders sound.

billy-roberts-680Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders play with real bite and finesse so that “Seen It All Before” has a genuine drive and snap to it. It is a muscular and punchy sonic exploration, showcasing a melodic production style that melds the band’s more raucous spirit with their mellow side. They sound reinvigorated, passionate and tuneful on the track, while Billy Roberts’ vocals seem every bit as genuine as ever.

“Seen It All Before” keeps the standard high for Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders, and will certainly add to the full enjoyment and satisfaction that one desires and expects from the album. I find myself tapping my feet, nodding my head, and listening to the words with “Seen It All Before”, and that’s always good enough for me!

More About: Billy Roberts was raised in Moree, Australia, and he took to music in his early twenties, inspired by bands and artists such as Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, and Neil Young and Crazy Horse. Not limited to those influences, he took great strides to learn by listening to further artists as diverse as Elvis Presley, The Arcade Fire, Buddy Holly, and the Black Keys, among others, taking elements from each and beginning to incorporate various elements into his personal songwriting style.

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