Bathe in the Fire: “Sugarcoat” transcends the musical barrier and becomes something deeper than just a heavy rock song

The name ‘Bathe in the Fire’ comes from the philosophy of constant reinvention through trials of adversity. “Bathe in the fire and be reborn”. BITF is an international collaborative effort featuring artists from around the world including the United States, Amsterdam, Australia and Canada. The songwriters and performers change with each song, with the only constant being the singer, Scott.  BITF released their first EP, ‘Antihero’ in 2014 with the follow-up ‘The Sky in Front of Me’ ready for distribution during July 2016. Being a geographically separated and constantly evolving group, Bathe in the Fire never perform live and choose to remain faceless – “The music is the focus, not the celebrity,” according to Scott.

Bathe-in-the-Fire-CartoonIn anticipation of ‘The Sky in Front of Me’, Bathe in the Fire has released the single “Sugarcoat”. The track is a blend of incredible lyrics, a beautiful melody, and overall intelligent music. A good balance between hard and soft exists, as the varying textures, tempos and moods all serve to maintain interest throughout this near-epic song. “Sugarcoat” is part heavy, part mellow, and part melodic, and one whole great listening experience. This track transcends the musical barrier and becomes something deeper than just a heavy rock song.

Every band has a time when they reach their musical peak. When each member fits so well with each other and the music they are making is no longer just notes but actual art filled with emotion and precision. I’m not sure when that moment will be considering that Bathe in the Fire are an ever-changing band. However, in all honesty I feel like BITF is one of the few bands to actually be able to reach this point on each release attempt, but “Sugarcoat” has its own special feel.

It is obvious that Bathe in the Fire is simply able to consolidate their evolving energy into every song, filling it with wisdom, insight and music, which is timeless. It goes without saying that Scott’s piercing yet pure vocals will leave you in melody heaven, especially since his voice, is the central focal point always present in this band, together with the honest and thoughtful lyrics.

If you’ve been a Bathe in the Fire fan from the outset, or if you are just starting to take notice of them, this is a great single to get hold of. It perfectly represents what Bathe in the Fire is all about – making beautiful and amazing rock-inspired music.


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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