“Back In The Day” by Tom Wavra: The Album You Need to Hear!

In this day and age, there are few artists who manage to capture the essence of an era while simultaneously crafting a sound that feels timeless and contemporary. Tom Wavra, an artist with a musical journey spanning a lifetime, has achieved this remarkable feat with his latest album, “Back In The Day.” This album, a labor of love two decades in the making, stands as a testament to Wavra’s dedication, talent, and deep-rooted passion for music.

Tom Wavra’s musical odyssey began with the iconic sounds of the Beatles invasion, which left an indelible mark on his infant ears. By the age of 13, Wavra had picked up the guitar, teaching himself to play and laying the groundwork for a lifelong pursuit of musical excellence. By 23, he was performing professionally, heavily influenced by classic rock legends such as Led Zeppelin, Bob Seeger, and Pink Floyd. These influences are woven into the fabric of “Back In The Day,” an album that pays homage to the greats while carving out its own unique sonic identity.

The creation of “Back In The Day” was no small feat. Recorded over a ten-year period at Winterland Studios and F5 Sound House, the album features contributions from an all-star lineup of Twin Cities musicians. The project faced numerous challenges, including the tumultuous period of the pandemic and the tragic passing of producer and keyboard maestro James Walsh of Gypsy. Yet, it was these very challenges that infused the album with a profound sense of purpose and urgency, driving Wavra to complete what he had started.

“Back In The Day” is a journey through life, reflected through the lens of Wavra’s experiences and observations. The lyrics, song structures, and exceptional musical performances come together to create a standout work reminiscent of the golden days of music. Each track is a testament to Wavra’s ability to channel the collective unconscious, making it a deeply relatable and emotionally resonant experience for listeners.

The album opens with the acoustic strumming and powerful vocal delivery of the title track, “Back in the Day.” This song immediately sets the tone, drawing listeners in with its captivating melody and evocative storytelling. The journey continues with “Heard It in the Wind,” where Tom Wavra’s gritty, elevated vocal tones soar over expansive and rhythmic acoustic guitars.

“State Of Mind” introduces a thumping beat, resonant pianos, and smooth harmonies, with Wavra’s commanding voice at the forefront. The electric guitar shines brightly here, adding layers of complexity and depth. “Summer In The Delta” offers a mid-tempo instrumental interlude, showcasing the beauty of all the stringed instruments in perfect harmony.

The album concludes with the upbeat rock ‘n’ roll fervor of “Deadwood.” In this final track, Tom Wavra unleashes his full vocal aggression and raucous grit, supported by scintillating keyboards and fiery electric guitars. It’s a powerful end to an album that has taken listeners on an emotional and sonic journey.

“Back In The Day” is a prime example of an incredibly talented artist producing strong, late-career music that demands attention. This album is not just a collection of songs; it’s a rich tapestry of life experiences, meticulously crafted and passionately performed. Tom Wavra has poured his heart and soul into this project, and the result is nothing short of extraordinary.

For those seeking an album that resonates with the spirit of classic singer-songwriter records while offering a fresh and modern perspective, “Back In The Day” is a must-listen. So, pick up the album, pour something strong, sit back, and let Tom Wavra’s music transport you to a time when melodies were memorable, lyrics were meaningful, and music truly mattered. And don’t be surprised when your neighbors come knocking, asking which legendary artist just made a triumphant return from back in the day!


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