Chris Likourg Unveils Electrifying Single “How Do I Get You (Out Of My Head)” ft. Tina Marie

Chris Likourg, the versatile singer, songwriter, and producer whose enduring love affair with music has fueled his remarkable journey, is set to release his highly anticipated single, “How Do I Get You (Out Of My Head)” featuring Tina Marie. This track, a pulsating blend of upbeat rhythms and poignant lyrics, is a testament to Chris’s ability to weave deeply emotional themes into infectious pop soundscapes.

From his early days absorbing the vibrant sounds of his parents’ cabaret, to his formal training at Toronto’s prestigious Trebas Institute of Recording Technology, Chris has consistently demonstrated a profound dedication to his craft. His time in Toronto, working on projects with iconic artists like U2, Blue Rodeo, and Dire Straits, coupled with his innovative work at Rogers Broadcasting, solidified his reputation as a multi-talented force in the music industry. Yet, it is his return to songwriting and production, especially during the pandemic, that has reignited his creative passion, culminating in this latest single.

“How Do I Get You (Out Of My Head)” is an adrenaline rush from the first note. A thumping, upbeat drum rhythm drives the track, underpinned by jangling guitars and booming basslines. Tina Marie’s resonant vocals perfectly complement the production, creating a dynamic and engaging listening experience. The song’s infectious energy is juxtaposed with its introspective lyrics, exploring the lingering effects of a past relationship with vivid imagery and raw emotion.

Chris Likourg

The opening lines, “The way you move the way you speak, haunts me, consumes me, won’t let me sleep,” immediately draw the listener into the protagonist’s obsessive and restless state of mind. The choice of words like “haunts” and “consumes” evokes a sense of being overwhelmed and trapped by memories of a past lover. This vivid imagery sets the tone for the entire song, making it both relatable and deeply engaging.

The chorus, with its catchy and relatable refrain, “You’re stuck in my head I can’t get you out. No matter what I do you’re all I think about,” highlights the inescapability of these intrusive thoughts. The repetition underscores the protagonist’s desperation, making the listener feel the cyclical nature of trying to move on from someone who has left a significant emotional impact. This cry for help is a universal sentiment, resonating with anyone who has struggled with lingering memories and the quest for emotional freedom.

In the second verse, the narrative deepens: “I try to fight but I never win. I close my eyes and you creep back in. The way you play drives me insane. I try to let you go but you come back again.” The relentless nature of these thoughts is powerfully depicted, with the phrase “drives me insane” conveying the intense mental and emotional exhaustion experienced by the protagonist. This verse paints a vivid picture of the struggle to move on, making it both heartfelt and relatable.

The bridge offers a moment of introspection, where the protagonist confronts their inner doubts and insecurities. This introspection adds depth to the song, transforming it from a simple pop track about heartbreak into a more profound exploration of unresolved emotions and personal growth.

The production of “How Do I Get You (Out Of My Head)” is polished and professional, showcasing Chris Likourg’s expertise in crafting songs that are both musically engaging and emotionally resonant. The upbeat tempo, combined with the melancholy lyrics, creates a compelling contrast that keeps the listener hooked from start to finish.

Chris Likourg’s latest single is a masterful blend of catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics, poised to resonate with anyone who has experienced the pain of lingering memories. “How Do I Get You (Out Of My Head)” is an emotional journey set to an infectious beat, ensuring it stays with the listener long after the music ends. This track is a testament to Chris’s ability to craft pop songs that are both relatable and deeply moving, marking a significant milestone in his already impressive career.


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